Album Review-Big Boi - Sir Lucious Leftfoot the son of Chico Dusty

So Big boi sort of finally does his own solo thing and I'm pretty sure Atlantic records (where Outkast is based as a group) isn't happy just because they fear a drop in the group's equity and want another album from the duo. For fans of Kast, it provides a small tideover until an actual Outkast album does drop. For Big Boi, it provides and opportunity to prove that he just isn't dead weight tied to his partner a one Andre "3 Stacks" Benjamin.

The album has a familiar feel if you listened to Speakerboxx from the duo's split album. A hint of soul, a bit of funk, all mixed in a southern gravy. The album starts off with "Daddy Fat Saxx" which is an introduction of the entire Big Boi persona if you haven't paid attention to it. A mix of some political savvy and street smarts over the typical uptempo beat that Mr. Patton prefers. "Back Up Plan" has scratches like Outkast song Jazzy Belle while the Boi raps about setting up a back-up for the hotel room in case the original plans fall through. "Theme Song" has a Roger Troutman and Zapp-esque hook as Big Boi gets his mack on yet again.

The majority of the album has features which include Vonnegutt on "Follow us", and Sleepy Brown and Joi on "Turns Me On" the type of song that Big Boi does so well. "You Aint No DJ" features Yelawolf who ignores the topic and just raps. Jamie Foxx lends his vocals to "Hustle Blood" which has nothing to do with hustling at all. "For Your Sorrows" features idol and icon George Clinton along with Too Short and Sam Chris as Big boi brags about his hood credentials in a way. B.O.B. and Joi guest on "Night.Night", and "Shine Blockas" features Gucci Mane and a remix is also included with Project Pat and Bun B as well. "The Train part 2" is just lame and features Sam Chris again.

"Shutterbugg" featuring Cutty is a very catchy single in the vein of "The Way She Moves" and should see significant time for pop radio play although it hurts that it is a solo song from a purely marketing perspective.

 The next single, is "Tangerine" which features T.I. and Khujo from the Goodie Mob. There is also the street single, "General Patton" which is the strongest song on the album as Sir Lucious speaks as a leader of the Southern movement over a crazy serious beat.

Overall, the album is typical for the more street half of Outkast but it has some serious uneven-ness. The concepts lack cohesiveness and the beta selection, while typical, features too many attempts at singles and not even chances for Big Boi to stand out and establish himself and his lyrics. The album manages to fall short of expectations after the unheralded and slept on "Speakerboxxx" half of the last Outkast "album".

Rating: 2.5/5


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