New Singles Review

Here is something else I want to do more of, just talk about what new songs are popping up. Honestly though, I won't be providing links because I don't want to get into those issues. If you want to find it, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to.

First up today/tonight is a new song from Fat Joe featuring The Clipse and Cam'ron, "Kilo". I know how original for these guys right? Honestly, I'm not a fan of crack rap or Fat Joe at this point but this song is hard. The beat is a solid, new Southern sound and Pusha T and Malice of course put down a solid verse. Fat Joe isn't bad either although he always seems too loud on the track and doesn't ever "fit" in. Cam of course does his specialty and comes across the most believable as a drug dealer for some odd reason... lol Rating: 3/5

Fabolous also has a new joint (though it sounded unmixed) with my boys Rock City (PTFAO) ccalled "One Life". As usual Fab has some decent punchlines and this is the type of song he should have had on that wack ass album he dropped last year but honestly, I get more excited by the Rock City appearance and they make the song for me. Rating: 3/5


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