Album Review- Stat Quo- Statlanta

Now for a few people the name Stat Quo might ring a bell as he was once signed to Shady records under Eminem and seemed to be destined to be the label's representative from the south. Label Politics and other issues kept that from happening but he didn't disappear as some people who leave the major labels tend to do. Stat is back with the official debut, still titled "Statlanta"

From the beginning of the album, Stat sets out to let you know that he isn't the average ATL rapper with "The Beginning" an intro with a more soul oriented beat as opposed to the normal bass driven rhythms of artists like T.I. and Gucci Mane. "Success" is a song about how Stat is destined to make something of himself, a concept that sort of puts accomplishment into the role normally reserved for "hip-hop" or a generic track about a female. "Catch me" is a song about changing up the way you're living in case things go wrong. "What I Like" falls short as a song about the freaks, and "Dedicated" does as well as the obligatory 'love' song. "Penthouse condo wraps up the album nicely.

Features include Talib Kweli on "Allright" which is examining what is going on in the world today. "Space Ship" with Esthero is a stretch, but "Lie to You" with soulster Raheem Devaughn is a creative song about the lies Stat tells to a potential woman he meets somewhere. Marsha Ambrosius handles the chorus on "Welcome Back" where Stat goes in for those who thought he went somewhere. "Cry" with singer Brevi is a emotional song about a black girl lost. Not an original concept but Stat does well by the idea and is helped by the track and chorus. Though my favorite song is "Ghetto USA" with Antonio McLendon singing the chorus.

You may think this review falls a bit short on depth but trust me, that's no indication that the album does. Stat is one of the more polished and well-rounded artists. You have to wonder what he could have done with major label resources and one or two decent Dre or Mr. Porter tracks but controlling his own destiny seems to be working for Quo. The album is a breath of fresh air compared to the new crop of rappers, while not as sleepy as Little Brother, he manages to convey a serious image and blend it with decent lyrics and good imagery. What Stat says, you know he sees.

rating : 3.5/5


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