Album Review- Rick Ross-Teflon Don

Another year, another Rick Ross album. much like a release from Plies I know what to expect yet cannot help but feel a little disappointed after listening probably because I want to feel about Ross the same way the masses seem to feel about him. After dropping the Albert Anastasia EP about a month ago as a precursor to this 11 song (yes 11 freaking songs) LP the long awaited date is just about here.

The easiest way to break this down is to start with the single, "B.M.F.- Blowing Money Fast" which is the typical Ross fare and features 'street rap' veteran Styles P. Ross does what he's known for doing, talking abouty moving weight, driving fast cars and tossing money just like street icons Big Meech and Larry Hoover. The beat knocks but unfortunately when listening in album order, it sounds like an extension of the song before it, "MC Hammer" which also features Gucci Mane.

More typical fare is "Super High" which has Ne-yo on the hook as Ross spits about how big of a star and success he is. Trey Songz drops a hook and verse alongside of Puffy on the Bad-Boy-esque "No. 1" (part of the problem is Puff rapping about moving white). Drake and Chrisette Michelle lend vocals to "Aston Martin music" (I know so original) though Drakes verse somehow didn't make the album though the songs sounds like something that was cut from Thank Me Later.

Cee-Lo is on "Tears of Joy" where Ross seems to try and allude to the fact he is  thankful to be in the position he is in however he doesn't seem able to leave the "Boss" persona at the door long enough to reach into the depths that Cee-lo's hook does. "I'm not a Star" sounds like a Jeezy track as Ricky does his normal rapping about how in fact he is a star. The best three songs are "All the Money in the World" which goes against every thing Ross has ever rapped about as he details the few things that money is not enough to replace for him; "Maybach Music III" which features T.I.,Jadakiss, and Erykah Badu and is probably Ross' best verse lyrically; and third, Free Mason featuring John Legend and Jay-z who blows away yet another rappers entire album with his guest appearance.

Honestly, the album is very cohesive and probably too much so as it sounds like one long song with the exception of No. 1 which could be the worst song on an album that is solid but not spectacular. Obviously I'm going to be in the minority as most people are happy enough with the subjects that Ross covers on a regular basis. For me, I still don't know who this guy is, much like Fabolous, Ross is not a fully rounded character but a caricature and fantasy much like Tony Montana. That reference is more likely to impress those who enjoy this music but it isn't meant as a compliment. To be considered an heir to Biggie, Ross would have to add sometime of feeling or context as a motivating factor. Instead, he skips straight to the top without detailing the struggle or any fears/pain involved in getting there. Ross could be a great rapper but instead he settles on merely being better than people like Jeezy and that's what makes me even angrier because small steps could take him to the next level where he might actually be great.

Rating: 3/5


  1. she talk dirty but her mouth clean.... i've become a ross fan over the past year. I haven't heard the CD. you know I'll let you know what I think when I do

  2. WOW! Rick Ross has endorsed Michigan State’s Mark Dell for the 2011 NFL Draft.

    Ross says, “Mark Dell is tenacious on the field. I think he’s one of the greatest I’ve ever seen play the game.”

    Ross just returned from London, England after performing with Jay Z. His track with Kanye West on Monster is also incredible!

    Here's the video where he throws his weight behind Michigan State Wide Receiver Mark Dell. Boss!


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