Album Review- Drake- Take Care

So Drake's eagerly awaited follow-up album "Take Care" has leaked and if this is indeed the album, it might just be the best r and b album of the year. That's right, this isn't a hip-hop album in the strictest sense. His first one wasn't either but it's still surprising. So here is my album review of Take Care.

Of course he starts out with singing, though it isn't his on "Over My Dead Body" where he spits to those who doubt him and his skills and ability to make another hit album. It's cool and should show a sign of the Drizzy to come as a general warm-up but he immediately slows things down and starts crooning on "Shot For Me". this is yet another song from Drake about lost love due to fame and his own misdeeds. "Crew Love" featuring The Weekend, is an odd ode to his people as he talks about getting it in for his crew but the beginning 'singing' doesn't really fit with the idea of what the song actually is about. 'Underground Kings" is Drake's version of the story of his come up and in it he recycles Wayne lines like Jay-z has done for Biggie in the past.

Drake sings too much as he attempts to 'go in' on "We'll be Fine" and the monotone hook is annoying even though it is his standard fare. Birdman and Weezy also get on the track to talk shit at the end. Singles "Marvin's Room" and "Headlines" are what they are. The first is a decent hybrid song but it's more of a one-off type thing and not one where the formula should be repeated. I don't feel "Headlines" where he also tries to throw in some slick talk in his verses about bringing harm to people. "Take Care" the title track, features his crush Rihanna and has a strong pop bass drum in it but the subject matter is the same old relationship blues. Nicki Minaj once again gives Drake the Eminem Renegades treatment on "Make Me Proud" where she kills her verse next to him. On "Lord Knows" Rick Ross features and manages to have a better verse than Drake, as he talks about nothing different though at least he tries to use a metaphor to start his verse. Drake meanwhile says nothing of substance though he has a few punchlines here and there.

"Cameras" has a decent chopped and screwed beat but Drake doesn't do anything with it. His much talked about song with Stevie Wonder is "Doing it Wrong" where Drake gets his croon on. Andre 3000 is the guest on "The Real Her" along with Lil' Wayne who attacks the track in a general manner and doesn't bring any energy to it. Andre does a little better and Drake just gets his Keith Sweat on. "Look What You've Done" is a song about how his mother helped to raise him to be a success today and is cool as the first song of any real substance other than crying over a woman I have heard from Drake. "Hell Yeah Fucking Roght" features some extra audio bits from Lil' Wayne to assist the theme of the song as he talks about what he has learned from being famous which is another of Aubrey's regular topics. Meanwhile "Practice" is about how he is the best thing for his latest conquest and her previous boyfriends were practice for him. Arrogant and a good concept but once he starts singing I nodded off.

Look I'm going to come off as a Drizzy hater but there are some real reasons I can't get with the hype behind him or this album which manages to be much worse than the first. Number one, the entire album sounds the same from the tracks to the monotone singing he adds to every song and every other verse. If you want to be Andre 3k and drop a singing album you have to be different, this sounds like something from The Dream not a rapper. This is a hybrid of hip-hop and r and b but I need more aggression in my rap music. Even when Drake is trying to brag it comes off with a lack of authenticity. While he has the hit singles, he never develops an album and all of the whining about relationships gets old pretty fast especially since it's all in the same vein of song. I want to like Drake but music like this isn't convincing.

Rating: 2/5


  1. totally right with that one. i can't agree more. Was so hyped about this but it ended up a a huge disappointment. Its an R&B album, not hip hop. You rappers T-Paining too much!

  2. lol I listened to DOA today and thought about Drake. This is why Jay can't leave rap alone, no one forcing him out. This was like Trey Songz album.

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