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Number one how y'all doing? Good, now that that's out of the way, I have a big problem with the American Music Awards. You already know I don't really mess with award shows in the first place but this was completely bogus. The nominees to every urban award were Nicki Minaj and Lil' Wayne? Even Weezy fans don't mess with The Carter IV that tough so how is it nominated for anything? Award shows should show appreciation for a wide variety and help introduce things to the masses not cater to them to get them to watch.

Nicki Minaj is a better artist than I initially gave her credit for, I can admit that. Pink Friday wasn't bad but it was still a lot of empty music on there. With that said, when you come out and say you're a rapper, I need to hear you spit, not start crooning. If you're a rock artist you have better have some guitars and solid rock foundation to your shit, not come out with two turntables and a microphone. Same concept, just because your people are telling you you're ill, you have got to prove yourself. You're not too good to spit them bars just because you have a decent mix tape. (drake)

Vita is back and it's nice to see. She fell off with the whole Murder Inc. thing but she took the time off and is coming back and hopefully that time gave her something to say and bring some fire to the game.

I did like her other freestyle better though but let's see where this takes us. Other than that, i'm just waiting on something new to really dig my hands into. Probably listen to some new artists this week and make another post on it. What are you up to?

Edit: Just listened to this new common joint again and if you didn't know this dude is on his shit right now. He is about to show you how to spit and be conscious  and real at the same time. If his album is like it sounds it could be, this will be some real classic shit not that BS drake put out people putting on a pedestal.


  1. Just wondering do you listen to Kendrick Lamar at all? Just found your blog recently and have been reading through your older post and noticed you don't mention him. Just wondering if you don't feel his music is all.

  2. I have heard somethings, just haven't finished getting through section 80. His flow is a little weird to me and I think he reminds me of Royce da 5'9 off the bat.

  3. wat about Tech N9ne? didnt see an album review. hes nice but never gets respect. and he shitt-ed on Carter 4.

  4. I will go and do that, not thinking I will but i'll give it a listen


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