Luda vs the Super Duper Flow

Finally someone has the balls to address some bullshit that gets put out by some of these new rappers that are out now.A new freestyle from his mix tape called "Bada Boom" is generating a lot of buzz as he is going directly at a lot of people from Shawn J of Field Mob to Big Sean and Drake. The main thing is how Luda goes in on the so-called "Super Duper Flow" and the idea that he has started it. So first let's get into the joint from Luda:

Luda throws some nice little shots at Big Sean who definately doesn't want any parts of Ludacris in the ideas of battle rapping and he really went hard. Drake could probably do it if he was actually going to rap and not start singing. As Luda references, I have been wanting him to get back to "Stomp" shit where he showed how he was lyrically superior to T.I. . He also is known for having the people you would rank ahead of him on a track and in general, showing his superiority.

Big Sean responded in an interview and basically tries to save face and defend himself while simultaneously contradicting himself. He admits now he didn't create this flow but yet claims to be bringing it out now- which doesn't really make sense. The other thing that irritates me is that he doesn't really know what it is he's doing, he calls it using one word to describe another- yeah it's a metaphor. Not that difficult to understand what it is you're doing.

Look when Big Sean first tried to "coin" this flow style I was confused because it sounds like an extension of what Cam'ron has been doing for a while now. It is also corny for the most part and very annoying. It creates choppy flow patterns and seems lazy to me because while Drake and Big Sean think they can pick out good ones and bad ones, there are way more bad ones than anything else just because the metaphors are so simple. Big Sean, being the author of most of the sorry ones because he is mediocre at best. He may have done this on a mix tape and people may have copied, but its like saying T-pain is the creator of auto tune. He isn't he just picked up something old and recycled it. That's fine but stop trying to take credit and then point out other people doing things.

Last point, I hate when these lame new artists try to clown someone for remembering some disrespect and saying "I didn't know it was that serious" or something of that nature. Look this is what happens when you talk, people have feelings about it, be ready for the consequences and stop trying to playing to cool or cocky for an altercation. Hopefully this leads to Luda really putting the fires to someone's feet because we need that right now.


  1. I've noticed the recent trend of rappers being unwilling to beef (rap-wise). I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. At the same time beef can lead to unnecessary consequences, but I also feel if you consider yourself a rapper you shouldn't let someone punk you.

  2. Your point about Tpain is stupid...because EVERYONE in the game recognized that it was "his thing"...even the great Jay Z when tryna end all the autotune stuff told people to stop "tpaining so much". So while yeah, it isnt Sean's creation it what hes going with and it did catch on, cause if you REALLY listen to music, before drake niggas were NOT doing that at all! EVERYONE does it now like Tpain and autotune

    I been listenin to Luda for a while, and think his flow and supa dupa is different...infact that line that Sean mentioned "i fill her up, BALLOONS" from Luda made me think while hearing it" yo what the fuck is Luda doing that aint him." Its almost like he tried that new rap sound to see if he can catch a reaction...that line was fucking terrible by the way...

    This is just a classic situation of New Guy tryna make noise and old guy tryna stay relevant... Big Sean and Drake are no where near MC's, but they can rap obviously and bring something "fresh" I guess you can say to the table... WE all wish that hip hop would come back but it aint, and its a Shame, but would u rather listen to Big Sean and Drake or Waka Flaka and Gucci?..

    Sorry about the grammar and stuff...

  3. if those are my four choices then i'll listen to the air whistling cause only Drake can rap at all out of that group. and it shows you don't know your history and have never heard of Roger Troutman or Teddy Riley who used the auto-tune though it wasn't called that because it wasn't a computer program- it was a tube they had to have in their mouths and use a keyboard to create the note they wanted which is why your point about T-pain is stupid. Know your history.

    I really wish these good long anonymous comments had names attached though so you would know to check back for the response. To the point, this "super duper flow" isn't new he's just the only person who is running it in the hole on every bar.


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