Occupy All Streets- Fail

Jay-z tried to profit off of the Occupy Wall Street movement by snaking someone else out of the phrase "Occupy All Streets" and putting it on T-shirts and selling them. In one way, it is genius, talk about the movement while bringing attention to the fact that it's not just Wall Street that needs taking over. The neighborhoods could use all types of help if the people were to take them back and use them for the benefit of the masses. However, that's not what is really happening here. What you have is someone who represents the materialistic desires of the elite taking a shot at the movement, getting paid for it, and not doing anything to further it.

Honestly, if Jay wanted to get away with this, all he would have had to do would be to make sure he gave to the protests in varying cities and go out of his way to help people in his hood and those around the globe who look up to him. This is one of those things I regularly talk about on this blog as these artists want us to continue supporting them when they aren't actively giving back and making it known. Volunteerism could be a growing thing for the cool crowd to do but our biggest stars won't promote it. In fact our biggest stars don't promote anything but their own brands. Remember Puff saying Barack could do better yet all I see is him pimping out Ciroc to our youngsters, then you have this from Jay-z, and let's not talk Russell and his Rush Card. I gave 50 credit but Street Kings is also a way for him to sell an energy drink or some shit.

Fact is, Jay got the backlash he should have seen coming and pulled the shirts off the net within hours. You cannot represent the establishment then try to profit off of the movement without the consequences and repercussions. You and your peers need to do more for the people directly and stop just leeching off of them in the end.


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