Album Review- Pusha T- Fear of God II

Look I thought this was another mixtape so I didn't even look at the track list. This is the album version of the mix tape though and it shows that much of the street release was good enough to be turned into a studio album in your stores. There are minimal changes if you already have it, but it's only right to show Push some official love.

Push pulls out all of the stops, getting Diddy to bring in the album before he begins spitting on "Changing of the Guards" a soundtrack sounding song where Push does his normal picture painting of the kingpin lifestyle while making himself the new big dog on campus. Tyler the Creator features on "Trouble on My Mind" which is a classic east coast style banger. Tyler may seem wild but on his features he has done his thing being very descriptive and unique. "Amen" is a song designed for Pusha, Kanye, and Jeezy to brag about what they have before they 'pray'. Yeezy stands tall even though he is out of place between Pusha and Jeezy.

On "What Dream are Made of" Pusha tells how he is what the hustler's blueprint is designed to create. The same can be said of "So Obvious" where the hook is designed to show his intentions and the way he made his money. More drug dealer chic is spit on "Feeling Myself" which features Kevin Cossum on the hook. French Montana brings his unique voice and clumsy hook singing to "Everything that Glitters" which is about how just what you see isn't always what it may seem. "Body Work" doesn't fit Pusha and features Juicy J, a n odd verse from French, and Meek Mill is the only one who puts forth a decent performance on the track.

Pharrell handles hook duties on "Raid" which also has a guest verse from 50 Cent, but Pusha shines the most on this one. Rick Ross and frequent collaborator Ab Liva co-star on "I Still Wanna" as they rao about how hard it is to stop pushing weight in the game. "My God" features some of the toughest production of the year and is the type of song that Pusha shines on. Nothing different here but the beat mixed with his descriptive abilities and simple but effective hook are perfect. "Alone in Vegas" is an attempt to recreate the magic but falls slightly short.

Pusha isn't going to have a lot of depth and he also has trouble holding too many songs down solo. The more street aligned member of the Clipse, the album lacks the moral balance that Malice would normally bring. Too many of the songs are just the same unapologetic drug tales which however descriptive, are still attacked the same exact way. Two slight mistakes occur in the name of variety so they can be at least appreciated for that. While I could listen to My God all day the rest of the album grows weary over time.

Rating: 2.5/5


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