How Drake will "win" thanks to lame responses

Now one of the big things to come from Kendrick verse on 'Control' has been the 'responses' from innumerable sources, mostly centered around New Yorkers trying to get a chance to shine using the 'king of NY' line as the basis for their 'attacks'. On one hand it's always a good thing to hear guys take pride in their music and decide to step it up, however the problem is that they are taking it the wrong way and need to stop trying to make direct disses and start to take a consistent attitude towards excellence in the rest of their music. How does this help Drake? It's actually very simple.

Notice what Young Guru and 9th Wonder come to as their conclusion, direct disses won't work. Here is why it's good for Drake, he can actually rap which pisses people off when he goes on his smooth r and b tip instead of giving out the darts. He can make catchy songs and hooks and he also already has that braggadocious swagger in his style. This means that lines and bars he had already created will be over analyzed to see if there are subliminal shots at Kendrick, and he has the time to go back and tighten up, or record a new track or two for his upcoming album.

Thus he now has the ability to step his game back up and not look like he was overly influenced by what Kendrick just said nor play himself with some weak freestyles of generic rap in an effort to make himself stand out. He also has a name that is recognized widely and respected unlike some of the recent respondents like JR Writer, Papoose, and Cassidy or Iman Shumpert (really?). As much as I dislike Drizzy, he and Kendrick are the only two who seem to be able to come out of this with something resembling a win.


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