This is Why NY is losing

So I'm checking worldstar and I see something where Papoose is on the radio and waiting to hear when he says that he is no longer cool with Kendrick Lamar over his 'Control' verse. It's unfortunate because what I see is two personalities who should be studying hip-hop and knowing what the verse was about in Superstar Jay and DJ Self. Point blank, I have said it a couple of times where people getting too caught up with this "King of NY" statement and thinking that people should come in and go at him, including the elites such as Nas and Jay.

Look, this is part of the problem with New York rappers like Papoose and NY media, they are too concerned with this idea of the "King of NY" being a special title that anyone actually cares about. This isn't about that one phrase, this is about the quality of your music overall. It's actually hilarious that all of these NY rappers seem to think they are really special and that the majority of things we care about is this title? It's not a personal disrespect and as well, I unfortunately have to agree with someone whom I was talking to on facebook that a bunch of non-relevant people - like Papoose were going to be coming out the woodwork with attitudes.

Point blank, New yorkers have the same issue that lil wayne has, they think that just saying Brooklyn, Harlem, Bronx, or Queens actually means something to anyone outside of New York. This guy is talking about not playing the song like it means something and Papoose with his weak response thinks he aired someone out and he is never going to be a star. New York, let it go and focus on making good songs. Your swagger isn't going to sell anything for you because no one cares about New York rappers as a whole.


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