Independent Wednesday

This week I want to start off with an artist who visually didn't fit what I was expecting when I read, female rapper from Canada. The first thing about Skulastic is that she is from Western Canada, not the hot bed which is Toronto. Then she isn't the average skinny blond fashionista that is in vogue. Point black I looked at her and thought about roots and berries. Then she started rapping and talking about smoking weed and I got it.

It's not just image, because the song is very chill and laid back. I can rock with it and I think you should give it a listen. I was just surprised looking at her. She isn't a bad rapper at all and fits into a nice little niche. Her lyrics can use a little improvement if she really wants to be a more hardcore type of lyricist which it sounds like from her production which is somewhat throwback though it is all very clean sounding. Give it a listen below.
Now I also decided to check a message with a song from Maurice "Mobetta" Brown featuring Prodigy of Mobb Deep with Daydreams. This isn't that bad, the music is sick, and Maurice is also a horn player so he brings an additional dimension beyond the lyrics which are alright, but not too outstanding. The energy is there however and Prodigy grounds the song in reality. Previously he released a joint with Jean Grae, and I admit I haven't actually seen her in a couple of years but it was an interesting look. (i mean the song, not her) YRF is a California duo that represents this young hip partying generation and their retro style fully. The song, "Supa Dope Whateva" is fun and summery with a catchy beat and fits the lifestyle they seem to represent. It reminds me a bit of kid-n-play. It isn't bad but beyond the song it won't have me rushing to hear what they do next, but then again it isn't really for me. The group it's for, will buy into it and keep up with them. Check out the video and let me know what you think.


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