Independent Wednesdays

Some of you are thinking why do I miss weeks, simple answer sometimes I get tired of listening to a bunch of the same sounding songs that some independent artists think are original because it's 'theirs'. look I understand you're trying to put out what you think will fit in and get you shows and clubs, but so many of you are treading over the same ground, even when the song isn't 'bad' it isn't 'good' either. It merely exists. With that let's get into it.

I posted a video from 5 Grand from Philly before and the one thing that strikes me is his voice is so much like that of VA rap veteran Skillz. Content wise, he isn't bad but he is another street rapper probably a step up from Tone Trump in my opinion. check out his "my Philosophy" freestyle.

Now this next song is by Logan P. McCoy and is called "Dirty Dancer" which uses a standard reggae backing track as he talks about a dancer while out. it's alright and the beat carries it more than anything. Logan probably should have really took it to the left and done something different but it seems to be played safe.

So if you remember me speaking a moment ago about generic rap that just fits into the mold of what is the most popular right now, then this next joint will let you know where my mind is at. Marlon Ponce. Point blank you look at this asian kid and you're not going to expect to hear some 'strip club/hood music' thats based in having swag and the drinking and smoking style of rap but that's just what it is. Look I'm not a fan of this, the beats bang, but aren't outstanding. Overall, if you don't really care you'll bump this but this is just boring to me overall though it would seamlessly fit into any rotation or strip club right now.

Look it's not that's he's bad. But i wouldn't call him good either. He pretty much just exists within the sphere of hip-hop. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.


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