Independent Wednesdays

So This has been sitting for a while but I listened to it and decided I should still say something about this first project from Chicago Rapper Dave Amazin. Let me say this there are a lot of Chi-town rappers coming out with music and there are all so different. Dave is definitely the underground type and this project, "Technicolor Daydreamer" is one of those unique underground type of collaborations as the EP is produced musically by a Baltimore producer, Richard Desire. The sound is different and the lyrics are sometimes good, sometimes not as much but it tends to happen with these more creative efforts because it's hard to get some consistency at times with lofty expectations. Check it out here:

I make it a point to try and not listen to rappers from the UK or Germany because a lot of times I can't relate, their accents annoy me and they mostly suck ass. Now, I was ready to destroy this next artist Yemm, who I am assuming is Scottish from the accent. Unlike a lot of guys, he has some production that is good, includes melodies and his accent doesn't hamper him as much. Check this guy out:

So to end this post off, I have Timothy Rhyme and he sent me some links, one of which was a rebuttal toward fellow West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar. It was straight, but I can say I like dude's style and rhyme scheme for some reason. It's not really conventional but it works. I also checked out another song he made called Shower and Shave which is kind of a feel good, cruising with the top down track so I suggest you check it out.


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