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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to beef...and Losers

So real quick, Shawty Lo and T.I. are back at it again. Fighting at some obscure ass Southern awards show...well at least their crews are. This shit is stupid now. I like to see people put forth their best on record because they have something to prove, but these folks fighting and things like that is ridiculous. Then everyone has to go to worldstarhiphop and make a video explaining their side of the story.

This is hilarious, Shawty Lo really needs to spend his time upgrading the raggedy studio he has. Showing off where he is at but he was intimidated and ready for action because he had like 20 people in the little ass building with him. Point being dude shouldn't rap anyway, he shouldn't be out here "beefing" and talking about how this ain't real beef because it's on wax. I'm tired of hearing everyone claiming this isn't real beef yet they're throwing chairs and fists at one another. I'm pretty sure that if it's enough to make you fight then the beef is real enough.

and in the Only in America file goes "Superhead" who proves that only in this country can you be an outspoken whore and make money. In any other country this broad would have been knocked off by now for exposing secrets of the trade. Shit, if she was white she would keep her mouth shut. Look at all of the Madames in DC and La who have gotten caught up, they keep their mouths shut. Not Karrine, she has to keep being involved in rumors and invites to speak. How the hell does this broad have an agent? Only in America can you market this broad as a "celebrity" and get her paid for absolutely nothing that she is qualified for. Maybe turning tricks again, but she has no reason to be talking at all. Only time her mouth is open, you know what should be in it...I'll holla.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Too much Autotune

Arab Money remix

First of all i think Ron Browz is lame. Pop Champagne is terrible and the only reason Arab Money was hot was because Busta just wilds out in his normal way. But this remix right here has waay too much bullcrap in it. I mean Busta's verse was hot. Puffy was alright, but after that it falls off the edge of a cliff. You got Akon and his annoying voice following up and i don't know what the hell he or t-pain is saying. Then you follow that up with Wayne and you have a headache I want everyone else to have. So go and "enjoy" if you can.

While I'm at it, watching the Lions play, let me relate hip-hop to sports a little bit. We all know hip-hop and basketball go hand in hand. (I'm gonna wild out Lebron in a few days). But let's look at the NFL for a minute. We have the infamous Michael Vick who threw away his life while dog fighting. You got Pacman Jones who can't stop making it rain in the club enough to even establish a career. We even have a third of the players with dreadlocks now representing for the west indians (sometimes).

Football is a part of American life and the hip-hop influence is evident. Ocho Cinco, to T.O., you have the hip-hop attitude of defiance. You also have those who give results who feel the right to make demands and shake the status quo. It's my hope that more people can take that idea and move forward with it. Provide results then make them change the rules. To the NFL, let them celebrate in the endzone. Tickets are like 80 bucks let them give us a show!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Okay first and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to every one out there. Now let me get into my angry ranting.

What is up with these rapper ass dudes and all of the damn scarves, handkerchiefs, flags, and bandannas they're wearing. All of these frilly ass pieces of cloth need to go. You got Soulja Boi Tell em (yeah I'm using the entire dumbass name) rocking a gucci bandanna on his face, one on his wrists and one hanging out his back pocket. What is all of this shit for? It's ridiculous. Jim Jones rocking these silly ass old lady scarves with the frills and shit dangling from it and a damn leather from the Juniors department of Macy's. The list goes on and on, Bow wow, Kanye, Young Berg, T.I., Will Smith's damn nephew with his lame ass song. i'm going to be waiting to find out the purpose. You got dudes from LA and New Orleans-warm weather climates doing the dumb shit. Please people be original.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Future for real?

Woah...okay so first we got Vibe going wild crazy with that lame ass hip-hop bracket that made absolutely no sense and wasn't even worth the time to check out. Then they come with this trash. point blank, I don't like Plies or what he stands for. The ignorance that comes out of this guys mouth just astounds me.

Look i understand hip-hop has changed a lot but no one has standards anymore. Magazines used to lead the trends and tell you who to check out next. Now, they're just following the masses. They're not pushing fans to discover anything new or to challenge their thoughts. This is case and point. Plies has done nothing new or original in any of his songs. His biggest claim to fame is being real, the realist in fact. Allow me to roll my eyes as this nigger speaks.

But then wait a minute, the dude is actually halfway articulate albeit extremely country. However his logic is misplaced. Just as Rick Ross didn't come clean about being a C.O., this guy refuses to acknowledge his time in college nor does he try to promote that his listeners attempt to do so themselves. It's astounding the laziness in the music that comes out across the airwaves and the lack of originality yet this guy is the future? He of the Goon chain and numerous tattoos. How is he pushing the game, what is he doing to take the youth to a new level? What is he doing other than glorifying the same violence that has been around for decades in our communities?

I don't get how we can have an entire generation of artists who are still making the same music as a generation before. The most political statements this guy makes is about how niggas who sell dope keep getting massive amounts of time. Is there no remorse? Why aren't we talking about how to keep the next generation of youngsters from falling victim to the same circumstances? Because it's easier for us to talk about how much money we have. How we are able to ball out of control; How we bustin guns and will murder; How we gonna have sex with our bust-it babies. This has gotten beyond ridiculous.

To sum this entire rant up, I cannot understand how hip-hop magazines in general cannot ever ask the tough questions and delve deeper than the normal thug quotes from the artists. Can't we get them into discussions that reveal something that is worthwhile and new to the public. They owe it to all of us to get out of bed with the artists and keep it real themselves.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy World- Young Jeezy video

Well I'm not a fan of Jeezy but this is a song that i don't mind. The video is kind of ill too, at least the first third of it. I like the chaotic look and feel of it but it seems more suited to Nas than Jeezy. I mean Nas would at least feel right and I take it Jeezy is trying to be more political but personally it doesn't work for me.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ace Hood- Gutta; a review

So starting in the spring DJ Khaled put a hurting on the world's ear drums as he yelled over the chorus of "Cash Flow", the first single from Broward, Florida's own, ACE Hood. Featuring the required T-pain appearance and established artist co-sign in Rick Ross, the song took off thanks largely to the aforementioned ringmaster and production by The Runners. Looking at the recent history you can expect more of the same by the first artist signed to Khaled's Defjam distributed imprint. You wouldn't be disappointed. To start the production is above average so that is a definate plus.

Getting into the music, the first track doesn't impress, "I Don't Give a Fuck" is about as lazy as a song title that you could have in this day and age. The beat isn't bad but Ace doesn't do much to make you feel he is going to bring anything lyrically. Sort of a cross between Tupac and Plies when it comes to his flow, and unfortunately more like the latter when it comes to lyrics, Ace does manage to bring energy to his tracks as well as two distinct flows. The second of which is a faster switch-it-up type of delivery that you also find on Southern beats with this 808 sound and drum pattern.

Features on the album include Akon of course, Trick Daddy, T-pain, Rick Ross, trey Songz, Plies and Briscoe so there is no one to push Ace to do anything different. Now here is an artist that you expect to get into a lane and stay there, he does, and to his point of getting money and being on the grind, he does it well. I would have been pleasantly surprised to see he try something else though. He is young enough to be able to grow creatively so I have some hope that he will get another shot if just based upon the album being whip music due to the production.

The majority oft he production is obviously handled by the Runners who provide a solid selection of beats. However the same drum patterns are tiring by the end of the album, and while it is cohesive as far as the theme, it begins to run together into one long song just after the two singles which fall into the 5th and 6th slots respectively. The best song other than "Ride" is "Guns High" which features Rock City on the hook. This is also frustrating because it was the best chance for Ace to try to expand from his box even slightly because Rock City brings a refreshing feel to the album of young men who get caught up but don't relish the gangster lifestyle; a sentiment that is entirely at odds with the persona of Ace Hood. Funniest song : "Stressin" with one of the most niggerish hooks i've heard, and part of that is because Plies is delivering it and we all know how ignorant he is.

My biggest problem with Ace is something I expected coming into this. He has no depth. No real personality. The only difference between him and a Jeezy, Rick Ross, Plies, or Lil wayne is the fact that he seems to be yelling into the mic constantly to get his point across. It's something not lost on others. The best quote I've heard about Ace hood is "What is his purpose. Who the hell is this dude." By the end of the album you haven't learned anything new about Ace or anything that makes you think he is anything other than another angry d-boy. That said he'll get a second chance to hopefully build upon himself.

Rating: 2.5/5

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ed Lover Sheds some Light

Now I can't really speak on the exact topic that Ed is covering although near the end as he talks about the competition in New York between Hot 97 and Power 105. He talks about how people he helped get into the game turned and decided to talk greasy or spew hate at him for moving to the new station. This shows a lot about hip-hop culture as it stands today. There is a lack of respect in the game right now. What I'll be getting into in the near future is going to be about image and how we define ourselves. This incident leads right into it.

You have a lot of Radio personalities who believe that they are as famous as the people they are interviewing. They over asses their own popularity because it is all dependent on being friendly with industry personalities. These people kiss ass to no avail until they lose all credibility with the public. Not only do they lose credibility but the lose the ability to be honest with themselves. Their number one claim to fame becomes "When 50 Cent comes on we crack on each other" or "I call jay-Z during his press time to ask him about Beyonce". It's all nonsense.

Then you get a situation like this, where a former mentor moves on and in a sign of immaturity, forget the history and ground traveled that was shown to them. It's crazy how many people in this generation don't respect their forefathers which is a main reason why hip-hop is lagging. There are people out there who don;t know Joe Clair and Big Lez from their rap city days and would diss them because of a lack of knowledge. We need to regain our self respect and sense of place. Just as Ed Lover says, the CEO's of companies can compete and be civil yet down here on the ground floor, we're busy trying to chop each others heads off for something that we don't even own or have a say in. Just something to think about.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Prodigy- Product of the 80's album review

I never really thought I would see the day where I looked at a Mobb deep type of product and think to myself "Why the hell am i listening to this?" But that is exactly what I find myself saying as I listen to Prodigy drone on and on about the same old topics as he has always rapped about.

Looking deeper into the lyrics ( I am writing this as it plays cause I'm not sure I'll make it through the entire album.) I find there is nothing there. In fact Prodigy seems to have regressed to his juvenile hell days with immature lyrics and lame cliches. This would have been cool before the Infamous and Hell on Earth were released, but now it's just plain sad. Listening to an album like this makes me wonder how the hell he can be making money. He has to pay for beats and mastering and no one can seriously be buying this. I don't see myself ever desiring to know the lyrics to any of these songs. Remember Keep it Thoro? All day everyday with no chorus.

It seems as though Prodigy is trying to aim for the Nas/Ice Cube territory sometimes. He wants to keep it real yet find someone to be halfway political. He does it the best through his song titles like "Test Tube Babies" and "Cold World". However, the lyrics fail to follow through with the promise. The beats add more life to the songs than what Prodigy says because his lackluster delivery deadens the songs. Never one of the more poignant lyricists, in this new age, his voice just sounds more tired, like he is going through the motions because he is expected to rap. There isn't even a single set of lyrics that make you feel he believes what is coming out of his mouth. The set of features, Mostly by Un Pacino add nothing to the tracks but at least allow Prodigy to save some of his material for later.

Hopefully the time locked down won't hurt Prodigy, but instead provide some type of inspiration and motivation to step his game up and become more heartfelt if he isn't imaginative. This is another example of rappers who need to release material every three years and not every year as P needs time to save up and edit verses to make the best album possible.

Rating: 1.5/5

Actual hip-hop commentary

Okay, so I just listened to Slaughterhouse which is the name of a group i assume that includes Royce da 5'9, Joe Buddens, Crooked I, and Joell Ortiz. Let me tell you. This shit is HIP-HOP SON!!!!!!!! The lyrics are fire and they actually build up to get to the "best" verse, though none of them are slacking. I see this joint as the lyrical "Swagga Like Us". I favor Crooked I's verse for now but I will be listening to it again. I'll be back with a link for it if you haven't heard it. But I appreciate that joint seriously.

I also listened to "I want it all" by Young Buck. Decent song. Sounds like he's back in rhythm after his entire label ordeal had him messed up for a while. The next joint was "Y'all in the Way" by Skillz. I don't know. It seems as though Skillz attempts at humor aren't really connecting as he makes fun of average rappers. I am still waiting on a wrap up and hopefully he takes it back to how he did it the first time.

and on a more humorous note, Justin Timberlake is going to expose the vocoder or autotune to the masses with the remix of "I can't believe it" with T-pain. Expect to hear it soon. That song is the truth and i started liking it because the video was original, however the second single from three rings is wack.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Local Responsibility problem

Beginning tomorrow, my local radio station 92q (92.3 WERQ FM) plans to start playing the Ricky Smiley radio show in the morning after letting go our local morning team. Now Baltimore is a top 30 market which means we deserve to have our own programming and stations. The biggest problem is our proximity to Washington DC which further fragments the selection because we can get DC stations which are all better than our own 92Q. This i think is because there is competition and pride at stake as they try to assert their dominance over the DC turf. This has always been a problem since the V103 days ended. Anytime you get a town with a single voice things get bad because that one controlling group leaves little to no opportunity for others. I'll get to more on that in a minute.

The heads over at Radio One claim the economy is the reason blah blah blah. But to me that is an excuse. One of the ways you get to be a broadcaster is because of a commitment to also share some of your space and time with the community which is one of the stations hallmark sayings. By eliminating the forum during the morning drive time, the company has done a serious disservice to the Baltimore "Q-munity" as they call it. Marc Clarke, the main host, is one of the more insightful radio personalities in Baltimore radio and maybe the only one in the urban radio demographic. He has managed to keep it real yet hosting an entertaining show and being informative about things going on. We will miss that. There isn't going to be time taken out of the day to talk about the specific needs of the Baltimore area on the Rickey Smiley show. That hurts a community when there is no one to speak to their problems, needs, desires, and emotions.

This seems to be extending towards the entire station and most likely the industry as a whole. As corporations look at maximizing the most they can make at all times, they sacrifice the entire identity of the station or newspaper that the community has come to know and expect. This especially evident in Baltimore after the fall of 105.7. The Dj's at 92Q don't break or attempt to get exposure from new artists unless they're getting a cut by either managing the artist, doing the production for the artist, or plain outright taking the cash offered to them (albeit under the table). It's a new age of highway robbery since the biggest way to gain some type of exposure is still through the radio. (Let's be real how many myspace friends actually listen to the songs you keep posting in your bulletins?) It's ridiculous to see how many southern artists have moved on to national heights due to their stations showing them support and then looking to see your local station acts as if they don't want local artists to know where they even are. Yet established artists get coddled and butt kissed until someone says something to them and then the stand up DJ has to apologize and/or get axed. ( I believe that WERQ didn't like how real Marc was at times and it didnt help his cause. I do appreciate him speaking out to Keyshia Cole and telling Jamie Foxx that The Dream cannot sing).

The problem is homogenization-trying to make everything the same in every place. Corporations love it because they want to make things cheap and micromanage every aspect of a business. Consumers eventually take it because it seems as if they can do nothing. Maybe having Obama in office will change that idea. I myself have never been a fan of the aforementioned 92Q although I have occasionally tuned in to the morning show. Now, I am officially removing them from my radio presets so that I don't accidentally tune in ever again. I am through with Radio One abandoning the community for which it supposedly exists to represent. We have but one urban station in Baltimore and every week it sounds more and more like we have none so I shall treat it as such.

and by the way Rickey Smiley is one of the least funny people I have ever seen before.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Next?

Now that Barack Obama is ready to assume the role as President of the United States what next? We as Americans and especially those of us who happen to be black now have a further duty to try and help this man accomplish his goals and better this country. Now is not the time to sit back and bask in the glory of doing what you are supposed to do. When i woke up this morning, my credit rating was still the same, The rent was still due, and yes OJ was still in jail. The point is that we must now look at Barack obama's message that we indeed need to be responsible for what we can control. We need to work towards curing the ills of our community with assistance from the government but not dependent on it.

I also look at this as an opportunity for us to begin to read and pay attention more to the world around us and not look for excuses to not achieve and move forward. We cannot let someone else do everything for us, we need to be knowledgeable about the outside forces in our lives so that we may better react to them. There should be a large amount of pride amongst ourselves about the idea that we can indeed achieve.

As I write this i see on the news where an elderly couple was injured in an attempted carjacking just outside the city. We as people cannot stand for this amongst ourselves in the dame way Martin Luther King Jr. did not stand for the racism and inequality and went about making a difference.

This extends to our mentality about everyday life. Our music. Our television. The way we speak to and treat each other. It definately concerns me when it comes to Hip-hop where we have a problem with learning how to grow up and become men. Learning how to treat women and how to show diversity amongst ourselves. We need to show that there can be rappers who try to keep kids off of the streets; to not glorify gun violence and drug sales. Let us have a hope for the future and commit ourselves to working for the change Obama speaks of and stands for.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Reason I'm back

Now I watched this fool in this video. I realized something. and I never really wanted to use certain words because I might want to run for office one day, but screw it, this Nigga is asinine. I mean this in every negative way you can imagine. Mysonne was a guy who had a potential career ahead of him on the heels of Mase and before 50 Cent blew up. He was Shyne before Shyne, then he went to jail fell of the face of the earth and resurfaced with no prospects. Then He just got ate up in a battle by E. "Puffy made me walk for cheesecake" Ness in a battle and then came back online to bitch and whine about it. Yet he is representing for the "moral Fiber of the Streets". The hell is that? Number one, "snitching" has been around for years so stop acting like it's something new. People been telling forever.

Now do i think TI shouldn't be doing PSA's? Nope. He should be and even more of these fools should come out and say this. An old lady telling that you stashing dope under her porch is not a snitch and should call and give the police tips. Or how about you wanna be thugs stop using her property and that of the guy who actually goes to work as stashes. How about I refuse to consider you tough if you have the capacity to come online and do a youtube video with your opinion. You are not a toughguy or a gangster. You are a clown with no career and life and need to go get a job or jump off of a building Mysonne. I hope your albums get bootlegged with reckless abandon because you're not worth the lil ass keyboard i see in this video. My sister had a nicer keyboard than that piece of garbage. This is what music has become, a bunch of wack ass rappers worried about who is "real" but we not talking about who is nice. May Mysonne's vocal chords go the way of the DOC for true justice.

It's been a long time

I haven't been blogging in a while for a couple of reasons. The election was getting heated, economy was bad, wedding was being planned, and my other site was looking to be going good. With all of that said, things have changed and I'm back. I've been telling my people that they need to get started with establishing themselves as a brand. Then I thought hard, why not establish myself? My brand is unique in and of itself and thus I should go ahead and expand upon what I want to talk about including politics, sports, and hip-hop and however else I'm feeling. So sit back and relax cause I'm back!


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