The Reason I'm back

Now I watched this fool in this video. I realized something. and I never really wanted to use certain words because I might want to run for office one day, but screw it, this Nigga is asinine. I mean this in every negative way you can imagine. Mysonne was a guy who had a potential career ahead of him on the heels of Mase and before 50 Cent blew up. He was Shyne before Shyne, then he went to jail fell of the face of the earth and resurfaced with no prospects. Then He just got ate up in a battle by E. "Puffy made me walk for cheesecake" Ness in a battle and then came back online to bitch and whine about it. Yet he is representing for the "moral Fiber of the Streets". The hell is that? Number one, "snitching" has been around for years so stop acting like it's something new. People been telling forever.

Now do i think TI shouldn't be doing PSA's? Nope. He should be and even more of these fools should come out and say this. An old lady telling that you stashing dope under her porch is not a snitch and should call and give the police tips. Or how about you wanna be thugs stop using her property and that of the guy who actually goes to work as stashes. How about I refuse to consider you tough if you have the capacity to come online and do a youtube video with your opinion. You are not a toughguy or a gangster. You are a clown with no career and life and need to go get a job or jump off of a building Mysonne. I hope your albums get bootlegged with reckless abandon because you're not worth the lil ass keyboard i see in this video. My sister had a nicer keyboard than that piece of garbage. This is what music has become, a bunch of wack ass rappers worried about who is "real" but we not talking about who is nice. May Mysonne's vocal chords go the way of the DOC for true justice.


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