The Future for real?

Woah...okay so first we got Vibe going wild crazy with that lame ass hip-hop bracket that made absolutely no sense and wasn't even worth the time to check out. Then they come with this trash. point blank, I don't like Plies or what he stands for. The ignorance that comes out of this guys mouth just astounds me.

Look i understand hip-hop has changed a lot but no one has standards anymore. Magazines used to lead the trends and tell you who to check out next. Now, they're just following the masses. They're not pushing fans to discover anything new or to challenge their thoughts. This is case and point. Plies has done nothing new or original in any of his songs. His biggest claim to fame is being real, the realist in fact. Allow me to roll my eyes as this nigger speaks.

But then wait a minute, the dude is actually halfway articulate albeit extremely country. However his logic is misplaced. Just as Rick Ross didn't come clean about being a C.O., this guy refuses to acknowledge his time in college nor does he try to promote that his listeners attempt to do so themselves. It's astounding the laziness in the music that comes out across the airwaves and the lack of originality yet this guy is the future? He of the Goon chain and numerous tattoos. How is he pushing the game, what is he doing to take the youth to a new level? What is he doing other than glorifying the same violence that has been around for decades in our communities?

I don't get how we can have an entire generation of artists who are still making the same music as a generation before. The most political statements this guy makes is about how niggas who sell dope keep getting massive amounts of time. Is there no remorse? Why aren't we talking about how to keep the next generation of youngsters from falling victim to the same circumstances? Because it's easier for us to talk about how much money we have. How we are able to ball out of control; How we bustin guns and will murder; How we gonna have sex with our bust-it babies. This has gotten beyond ridiculous.

To sum this entire rant up, I cannot understand how hip-hop magazines in general cannot ever ask the tough questions and delve deeper than the normal thug quotes from the artists. Can't we get them into discussions that reveal something that is worthwhile and new to the public. They owe it to all of us to get out of bed with the artists and keep it real themselves.


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