Actual hip-hop commentary

Okay, so I just listened to Slaughterhouse which is the name of a group i assume that includes Royce da 5'9, Joe Buddens, Crooked I, and Joell Ortiz. Let me tell you. This shit is HIP-HOP SON!!!!!!!! The lyrics are fire and they actually build up to get to the "best" verse, though none of them are slacking. I see this joint as the lyrical "Swagga Like Us". I favor Crooked I's verse for now but I will be listening to it again. I'll be back with a link for it if you haven't heard it. But I appreciate that joint seriously.

I also listened to "I want it all" by Young Buck. Decent song. Sounds like he's back in rhythm after his entire label ordeal had him messed up for a while. The next joint was "Y'all in the Way" by Skillz. I don't know. It seems as though Skillz attempts at humor aren't really connecting as he makes fun of average rappers. I am still waiting on a wrap up and hopefully he takes it back to how he did it the first time.

and on a more humorous note, Justin Timberlake is going to expose the vocoder or autotune to the masses with the remix of "I can't believe it" with T-pain. Expect to hear it soon. That song is the truth and i started liking it because the video was original, however the second single from three rings is wack.


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