Too much Autotune

Arab Money remix

First of all i think Ron Browz is lame. Pop Champagne is terrible and the only reason Arab Money was hot was because Busta just wilds out in his normal way. But this remix right here has waay too much bullcrap in it. I mean Busta's verse was hot. Puffy was alright, but after that it falls off the edge of a cliff. You got Akon and his annoying voice following up and i don't know what the hell he or t-pain is saying. Then you follow that up with Wayne and you have a headache I want everyone else to have. So go and "enjoy" if you can.

While I'm at it, watching the Lions play, let me relate hip-hop to sports a little bit. We all know hip-hop and basketball go hand in hand. (I'm gonna wild out Lebron in a few days). But let's look at the NFL for a minute. We have the infamous Michael Vick who threw away his life while dog fighting. You got Pacman Jones who can't stop making it rain in the club enough to even establish a career. We even have a third of the players with dreadlocks now representing for the west indians (sometimes).

Football is a part of American life and the hip-hop influence is evident. Ocho Cinco, to T.O., you have the hip-hop attitude of defiance. You also have those who give results who feel the right to make demands and shake the status quo. It's my hope that more people can take that idea and move forward with it. Provide results then make them change the rules. To the NFL, let them celebrate in the endzone. Tickets are like 80 bucks let them give us a show!


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