What Next?

Now that Barack Obama is ready to assume the role as President of the United States what next? We as Americans and especially those of us who happen to be black now have a further duty to try and help this man accomplish his goals and better this country. Now is not the time to sit back and bask in the glory of doing what you are supposed to do. When i woke up this morning, my credit rating was still the same, The rent was still due, and yes OJ was still in jail. The point is that we must now look at Barack obama's message that we indeed need to be responsible for what we can control. We need to work towards curing the ills of our community with assistance from the government but not dependent on it.

I also look at this as an opportunity for us to begin to read and pay attention more to the world around us and not look for excuses to not achieve and move forward. We cannot let someone else do everything for us, we need to be knowledgeable about the outside forces in our lives so that we may better react to them. There should be a large amount of pride amongst ourselves about the idea that we can indeed achieve.

As I write this i see on the news where an elderly couple was injured in an attempted carjacking just outside the city. We as people cannot stand for this amongst ourselves in the dame way Martin Luther King Jr. did not stand for the racism and inequality and went about making a difference.

This extends to our mentality about everyday life. Our music. Our television. The way we speak to and treat each other. It definately concerns me when it comes to Hip-hop where we have a problem with learning how to grow up and become men. Learning how to treat women and how to show diversity amongst ourselves. We need to show that there can be rappers who try to keep kids off of the streets; to not glorify gun violence and drug sales. Let us have a hope for the future and commit ourselves to working for the change Obama speaks of and stands for.


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