Ed Lover Sheds some Light

Now I can't really speak on the exact topic that Ed is covering although near the end as he talks about the competition in New York between Hot 97 and Power 105. He talks about how people he helped get into the game turned and decided to talk greasy or spew hate at him for moving to the new station. This shows a lot about hip-hop culture as it stands today. There is a lack of respect in the game right now. What I'll be getting into in the near future is going to be about image and how we define ourselves. This incident leads right into it.

You have a lot of Radio personalities who believe that they are as famous as the people they are interviewing. They over asses their own popularity because it is all dependent on being friendly with industry personalities. These people kiss ass to no avail until they lose all credibility with the public. Not only do they lose credibility but the lose the ability to be honest with themselves. Their number one claim to fame becomes "When 50 Cent comes on we crack on each other" or "I call jay-Z during his press time to ask him about Beyonce". It's all nonsense.

Then you get a situation like this, where a former mentor moves on and in a sign of immaturity, forget the history and ground traveled that was shown to them. It's crazy how many people in this generation don't respect their forefathers which is a main reason why hip-hop is lagging. There are people out there who don;t know Joe Clair and Big Lez from their rap city days and would diss them because of a lack of knowledge. We need to regain our self respect and sense of place. Just as Ed Lover says, the CEO's of companies can compete and be civil yet down here on the ground floor, we're busy trying to chop each others heads off for something that we don't even own or have a say in. Just something to think about.


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