Happy Thanksgiving

Okay first and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to every one out there. Now let me get into my angry ranting.

What is up with these rapper ass dudes and all of the damn scarves, handkerchiefs, flags, and bandannas they're wearing. All of these frilly ass pieces of cloth need to go. You got Soulja Boi Tell em (yeah I'm using the entire dumbass name) rocking a gucci bandanna on his face, one on his wrists and one hanging out his back pocket. What is all of this shit for? It's ridiculous. Jim Jones rocking these silly ass old lady scarves with the frills and shit dangling from it and a damn leather from the Juniors department of Macy's. The list goes on and on, Bow wow, Kanye, Young Berg, T.I., Will Smith's damn nephew with his lame ass song. i'm going to be waiting to find out the purpose. You got dudes from LA and New Orleans-warm weather climates doing the dumb shit. Please people be original.


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