Back to beef...and Losers

So real quick, Shawty Lo and T.I. are back at it again. Fighting at some obscure ass Southern awards show...well at least their crews are. This shit is stupid now. I like to see people put forth their best on record because they have something to prove, but these folks fighting and things like that is ridiculous. Then everyone has to go to worldstarhiphop and make a video explaining their side of the story.

This is hilarious, Shawty Lo really needs to spend his time upgrading the raggedy studio he has. Showing off where he is at but he was intimidated and ready for action because he had like 20 people in the little ass building with him. Point being dude shouldn't rap anyway, he shouldn't be out here "beefing" and talking about how this ain't real beef because it's on wax. I'm tired of hearing everyone claiming this isn't real beef yet they're throwing chairs and fists at one another. I'm pretty sure that if it's enough to make you fight then the beef is real enough.

and in the Only in America file goes "Superhead" who proves that only in this country can you be an outspoken whore and make money. In any other country this broad would have been knocked off by now for exposing secrets of the trade. Shit, if she was white she would keep her mouth shut. Look at all of the Madames in DC and La who have gotten caught up, they keep their mouths shut. Not Karrine, she has to keep being involved in rumors and invites to speak. How the hell does this broad have an agent? Only in America can you market this broad as a "celebrity" and get her paid for absolutely nothing that she is qualified for. Maybe turning tricks again, but she has no reason to be talking at all. Only time her mouth is open, you know what should be in it...I'll holla.


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