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It's funny, I wrote this post before the grammys and I know people are salivating over the "sweagger like us" performance because of the people who were in the performance and the lack of standards that perceive today's hip-hop fans have. But on tot he post.

What happened to award shows? they used to be so hot, now they are afterthoughts. The last "BET" awards were hot garbage. The production values are so low that it is amazing. The Rick Ross performance was sickening as was the Lil wayne. Kanye did the best as is expected. Just look at MTV award shows. They are both viacom owned entities yet BET's product gets the leftovers and bad interns. You see not one blooper at the MTV video awards, music awards, or movie awards and they do three shows and never get tired. Yet BET can't do it once? I refused to watch the BET hip-hop awards which is basically the new Source awards. Ozone awards? I know elementary school students who could do a better job at producing a show. that garbage looks like it's in a gymnasium on the old videocassette camcorders. Not to mention the person running the show must be high and tipsy as well as the artists.

The "white" shows aren't as bad but way more boring. The grammy's and AMA's are nowhere near as interesting as they used to be. Sure Justin Timberlake could get everybody moving but he is no Prince, MJ, Whitney, or Eric Clapton for that matter.

Why did the black stars abandon Soul Train? Even though the show should have changed it's format doesn't mean we had to abandon the awards. That used to be what everyone showed up for. A couple of years ago they couldn't even get Jennifer Hudson directly after Dreamgirls and now it doesn't even exist. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves for abandoning that institution. Looking at BET they could have acquired the rights to the name and called their awards show the Soul Train awards on BET. Look at the equity in that name. We allowed one of our hallowed institutions to die out once again. Look at the Apollo. Forget American Idol, if you could win Showtime at the Apollo you could do anything. Now we have nothing to show for it. Look at all of the artists who passed through those hallowed halls, He-yo, Jasmine's a damn shame we let things die without a fight.


  1. Wow, I was kind of regretting that I had missed the award shows but now that I know I didn't miss much, I don't feel so bad! Boy oh boy do you bring back some memories with the Soul Train Awards. Wow, it has truly faded in the deistance and has become noexistent. And you're right that was one of the staples in black music as well as the Apollo. I remember auditioning once at the Apollo standing on a line two NY city blocks long, in the cold and walking up those rickedy stairs and thinking to myself all the legends who had done the same thing before me. Now, I'm not even sure if the Apollo still comes on. That's bad. We have to do better at supporting what helped get us to where we are.

  2. Apollo is done for i think. You would assume that one of the networks would have picked it up and supported it because there was serious equity in that name. I wish i could bring it back.


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