what is swag?

This one phrase has been killing me since people have started saying it. Everyone has "swag" now, you even have "swagger rappers" and "swagger jackers", yet I don't have a clear idea of what you all find swagger is. See to me there aren't but two or three people who have what I would consider swagger.

That's the first man who comes to mind. I mean Puff isn't a rapper, he's a sort of entertainer, true business man, and has an arrogant ass attitude, but the guy gets some kind of results. See to me, swagger is a combination of all of that with an addition of a fashion sense and Puff is the only guy I can feel comfortable saying he's a fly s.o.b. and not feel like I dropped my balls off somewhere. Other than Puffy, Jay and Will Smith both have swagger that is unparalleled. Will Smith has the swagger that all black men aspire too, except for Barack Obama who has the ultimate "swag".

The problem is that everyone thinks they have "swagger" now. But just because you have some sort of sense of fashion, doesn't mean you have swagger.

These guys don't have swagger. They may dress in a way that is fashionable but that ain't "swag". Let me stop because swag has to be something that a woman came up with anyway. Most women are superficial (come on let me have it), but in that regard they put a large emphasis on the way a person is dressed or looks in public and less on their actual substance. They don't like rappers or actors because they're nice, they like their style or muscles and have some sort of ideas of some sensual experience with said celebrity. Look at the people who claim to have this swagger, all people who women run behind talking about their Louie V scarves and their retro shoes with 12 colors. Your clothes are not the thing that creates your swagger.

This dude doesn't have swag. He's just an asshole. Being an arrogant jerk doesn't create swag in an of itself. Their is a certain modicum of respect that you have to give in order to be considered a man of respect. You have to have respect to have "swag".

This guy doesn't have swagger, he's just on drugs. He has real problems if you look at the tattoos on his face, his need to keep trying to dress weird because he is high. But that isn't swagger. The true swagger cannot be defined and the majority of these guys are not leaders who define a new level of confidence and being.


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  2. This dude doesn't have swag. He's just an asshole
    This guy doesn't have swagger, he's just on drugs


    Bwahahahahahahaha! I agree "swag" is more than clothes. Not sure I'd say Kanye has none tho, he just loses so much being suck a dickface. And having a fuck-ass haircut lost him a lot more swag too.

    Btw this is the only time you'll get me to say that word. It is retired from my vocab, I brought it out just for this blog comment, now it goes back out to pasture before I shoot it like old yellow

  3. ROFLMAO...I completely agree when I saw the post I was like dude swaggar, if we must use that word==s only Puff Jay and President Obama. THEN imagine when you confirmed!! we see eye to eye LOL Yeah Mr. Smith is pretty cool to but idk he doesn't have the arrogance i think. Anyway I died when I saw the Ed Hardy circus and the gay fish...


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