My new favorite Hip-hop personality is....

Charlamagne tha God. Now here is a guy who has been producing for a minute. I remember a profile of him in Blaze magazine years back when we had three hip-hop magazines. You may or may not have seen my link to his post about Lil' Wayne,(read it here) but I agree with the way he writes, thinks, and speaks so far at least. So my eyes and ears perked up when I saw that he had called in to Shade 45 to speak with Mims.

That right there is "ether" of the highest caliber. He stated his points clearly and concisely while both showing some positives with Mims but highlighting what he feels are some serious shortcomings. I'm hoping he gets to call in next time that Plies gets on the air.


  1. All I can say is wow because I feel like this discussion should be bought up with every rapper.. because all rapper tell stories and embellish whether its how nice they are, how conscience, how rich or how poor. It is like wrestling the ending is predetermined but the athleticism is real. Hiphop can be the same way, look at the scene in "Fade To Black" where Jay-Z is taking to Geda-K and Geda says, I can't be smart on a record and Jay looks at the camera and says Hip-HOp see what you do to us. Thats real. So I think most rappers should be checked in that way it will improve the culture.

  2. I agree which is why I had to highlight this. But most people are so busy kissing these dude's asses cause they feel it will help make them a celebrity themselves they cannot be objective and serious.


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