Rhymefest doesn't like Charles Hamilton?

Why is Charles Hamilton the becoming the hipster version of Young Berg? No one is punching him...yet anyway. What is up with the beef now? I know it's been a way to promote yourself for years but right now it's just getting downright crazy. It must be the recession or something. We got Rick Ross and 50 Cent (my money is on 50), you got Charles Hamilton and Soulja Boy which is laughable, Joe Budden and Saigon, Joe Budden and Ransom, DJ Vlad and everyone he videotapes, and I'm pretty sure that someone has beef with Jim Jones.

The problem right now is that it's no real passion behind most of the dissing. Like I posted before no one is really putting any time or thought into it. They're rushing to get these records out on Worldstarhiphop within 6 hours of the previous posting. It's a shame because real beefs used to be something worth looking forward to.

Check out Rhymefest's shot at Charles:

let's think about a rap battle we would actually like to see. I would say 50 and Wayne, or Luda and Wayne would be funny i think cause Luda would rip that dude.


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