Where did the women go?

Yooooooo, huge revelation here, not many women are doing it big in rap right now. I can't name anyone out who is a woman who actually raps. The last one with a single was who, Trina? That shit was lame for real. Just three years ago we had some promising new women with Shawnna, Remy, Jackie-O, and Jean Grae all getting a buzz. Then what happened? they have all basically disappeared except for Jean who luckily was never mainstreamed so she still has her own fanbase. We also had Rah Digga still around, Eve(watch the Tambourine video-Swizz killed this one!), and Lil Kim had yet to go to jail. Eve was probably my favorite out of the recent female rappers.

Now let me tell you why, Eve never tried to be a dude. She had a short hair cut yeah, but she always appealed to women like her, who were experiencing her struggle. It worked unlike a Remy and Shawnna who tried to show how hard they were and only turned to sex as a last resort and it never felt natural. They had bad direction in my opinion. Lil' Kim was a natural as a sexpot and so was Trina, but we all knew that all women weren't like that. Just before them we had Da Brat and Missy who weren't sex symbols but fit in with what they were doing. Eve was the best mix of all these things.

Women have long had a great history and influence and I know mush has been written about it, but I gotta give my slant on it. It's crazy that Murder Inc, had two and couldn't get either one out,poor Vita and Charli Baltimore, and what about the Lady of Rage who is now managed by Katt Williams (thats a wtf moment for you)

Look since Roxanne Shante and Queen Latifah women have been able to prove themselves until lately. They did it by courting each other and not trying to be greedy and get men to buy their cd's. Salt-N-Pepa never really made a song that dudes should ever be caught singing so labels today need to learn from it. (Watch the Express Yourself Video here)At the same time they supported femininity yet demanded respect, (you had to know I was going to link to UNITY right here)

The point is I love women and I miss them being important figures and not just sidekicks or video hoes.


  1. I agree with you, the last female rap CD I bought was Da Brat's "Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz"


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