Just when you were cool with new beef...

You have Etta James throwing shots at Barack Obama and Beyonce, along with a willing crowd. I wonder who the hell was egging her on. Then some dude who was in a cheesy Lady luck video decides to snake ambush her and drop his own Youtube video getting on her. But the thing that tops it off comes from the mouth of Ne-yo.

Now I don't really care about the fighting and all the other "homo" nonsense between Jim Jones and his obsession with anything revolving or remotely associated with Jay-Z. The biggest annoyance is when this dude says that Jim Jones takes out his cellphone to record him calling the other man all sorts of names and saying he is going to put it up on youtube, worldstar, realrap, etc. This is one of the biggest problems in this era of new media. You have grown ass men starting shit to purposely be able to put it online. You know, the stuff that girls did to each other in middle and high school, yeah we've stooped to that level now.

It is so crazy that everyone is so publicity happy that they are willing to do anything at any time to get some exposure. I understand the adage that all publicity is supposed to be good but it's overkill. You have "gangsters" who have never been in any legal trouble fighting inside the "louie Vuitton" store. That doesn't sound suspect to anyone but me? When will we as consumers and fans of hip-hop culture start telling these people that we are tired of this nonsense. They cannot act like assholes in public and just throw tantrums like spoiled toddlers. You claim you're a man be a damn man.


  1. No doubt this shit is getting out of hand. I still don't know what Etta has against Obama. And I seen mad pics of her buddy buddy with Beyonce around the time Cadillac Records came out, now she's realized that she wants to buck-fifty Beyonce?!!!

    As for this Ne-Yo ish, I found that interview hilarious. Niggas wrecking inside a Louie store is comical to me, as it Jimmy trynna tape Von just to put it online. That's some real lil girl shit like you said. And yes fighting in the Louie store is definitely suspect. But so much of popular hip-hop is suspect nowadays...

    Overall some of this beef has to stop, or at least slow down. Back in the days we used to love beef. Most cats weren't doing it, so when a beef did start it was like Christmas all over again. And cats made real, good songs during the beef. Ether, Takeover, Superugly, Stillmatic are all classic beef records. Some of 50's records about Ja Rule are classics. Just the thought of I Smell Pussy makes me chuckle to this day. D-Block's beef songs were some of their best. I remember waiting for a new Street Wars tape to see how different beefs were playing out. But now technology has enabled cats to make songs/videos and put em up for public consumption that very day. So a lot less thought goes into their songs and videos. Hence the quality is shit now. Have you heard Rhymefest's dissin Charles Hamilton? The song is mediocre in my opinion. I've seen Rhymefest freestyle battle, he can do much better than that semi-wack song

  2. i gotta agree with you thats the comment I keep hearing over and over that they need to slow down the pace of the beef and let em be better songs not just a bunch of shit.

  3. Who actually breaks out a cameraphone and threatens to YouTube a motherf*cker?! Seriously!! That's f*ckin' pathetic LOL

  4. thats the level of lameness we at now.


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