Album Review- Mims- Guilt

So a couple of years ago I guess we got hit by this dude who had a catchy single that spawned reggae remixes and was one of the biggest ringtone hits of the year when Mims released "This is Why I'm Hot". The following LP, "Mims - Music Is My Savior" didn't do much commercially but it wasn't bad. Looking at the results of that, it's safe to say that Mims wasn't in the greatest sophomore position, but with low expectations it's easy to avoid calling it a slump.

The first single was the catchy "Move" whose catchy beat and chorus show that Mims hasn't forgotten how to craft a decent single. Radio play for it is less than it probably should be, I mean why play someone other than Lil' Wayne? But this type of song isn't limited to the official single,"Makin Money", though a trite concept keeps the hook simple and provides an open break beat. I also like "On and On" as a possible single.

However on "Love Rollercoaster" he tries to freak the same beat as Terror Squad did on "Let me take you home", it works but they did it better. "In My Life- Why oh Why" could have been better because he uses the second half of the title more and it gets annoying. He also shouldn't not have tried to do the sing-song thing "One Day", that was a failure.

Mims shows a little bit of depth "One Last Kiss" and "Heal Me". Overall Mims is a lot better of a rapper than I gave him credit for. I will admit I was sleeping especially when Charlamagne got at him on the radio to step his game up. I can see why he was upset, dude has tremendous potential but cant seem to get the break that he deserves and needs.

Rating: 3/5


  1. 3/5 for an album(not a mixtape) sounds like failure to me. I'd be blown if my album got rated like that. I will admit I never gave MIMS a chance, but I never heard anything from him that made me want to. Maybe I will try his shit out tho

  2. Well I don't actually "buy" anything so take it with a grain of salt. not worth my money


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