Stop Lying Keri

Point blank she lying and backtracking. First of all she talking about it wasn't official because it came out when the song was dying down...thats when you bring out a remix. No one brings out a remix while their song is still popping. The logic doesn't make any sense at all, the whole point is to get more interest back in the song and the artist in general. Then she saying oh no, it's not specific, whatever. Listen to the lyrics on the song and it has to be directed at someone especially when she explains that she is trying to go at the people who have been "hating" on her, whatever hating is. Why would Polow even record vocals over the track if he wasn't trying to instigate and get more hype behind it? that was his intent, you should have just run with it Keri cause you can't do stuff like that then try to act like it never happened, we the public are not that stupid.


  1. lol, she know she can't go hard against Beyonce, so she tried to deny it. I ain't the biggest B fan or nothing, but I know she hot and you can't go hard against her as a new artist.

  2. thats a true way to get black-balled but she should have never said it then. Be a woman and mean it if you say it.


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