She Fine- Halle Berry

I gotta admit that I thought Hurricane Chris was done by now but low and behold the young boy comes back with an underground banger, buoyed by the fact he name drops Halle Berry in the song. This new dance craze that's going on, "doing the walk" or whatever it is gave my man second life. I'm actually glad that (so far) Halle's people haven't issued any injunction stopping it from being used. She even danced to it on Ellen which was surprising, I'm not used to seeing Halle's black side. ( I thought David Justice and Wesley Snipes had beat it out of her)

That was Halle if you hadn't seen it. Listening to her I know she's been watching it and practicing that just for the show. Those white girls at the end looked just dumb and didn't take it serious which was real wack. Below is the video from Hurricane himself.

So thats probably one of the best versions of this new style of dance. Now one I don't get it the Rickey Bobby.

Look at this fool right chea:

Here is the guy who made the song:

alright, where yall youtube videos at?


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