A Real Show.

So I'm watching a video of Capone n Noreaga performing from their second cd, "The Reunion" and it is taken from live footage. I realize I can't find where the dudes even are amongst the crowd of people on the damn stage. I love some CNN but that right there annoyed me.

Now they aren't the only people who fall victim to this sort of performance issue. It is incredibly annoying to not know where the guy who is actually "rapping" is. These dudes do not need to be on the stage if they aren't doing anything. these guys aren't back-up dancing, breathing fire or anything to help add to the show.

Second problem, one that Ross especially seems to have, is a mixture of sound mixing and a lack of performance ability. For one the biggest fallacy in a club is that the speakers must all be completely turned up to the highest level. This may work while there is just music playing, but if someone is on the mic then the vocals need to be turned up differently than the music or you can't hear shit. This is especially important when you have 8 non-relevent people on stage or you have the whole record playing behind you because you cannot perform without it. One hype man may work but the normal record and 6 other dudes with mics isn't going to help the performance.

If you're going to perform with a DJ, and a hypeman you need to treat every show like a major tour especially if you want my money.

Or you can do something like what Jay has done here, hire a band and do something that it different from the usual.

Now Jay is the rare artist that can just show up and have the crowd be excited. The main reason I go to a concert is to get a great show from an artist I am feeling. Going to the Best of Both Worlds Tour was ill just because the atmosphere was crazy as everyone was feeling the show going on. I don't think most people feel this way at most of the shows they go to, they are more interested in being seen. I just don't see where the connection with most of the newer artists is.

Pretty much, I'm saying if you want to perform live, you need to be serious about it and treat every show like it is special. People are paying their hard earned money so that they can take in the live atmosphere, give them something to talk about. Taking your shirt off is not what does it, you need more than that. Let me know how you feel?


  1. I've never EVER paid to go see a legit rap artist preform matter fact, the only rap concert I've seen live is a DMX one that i was suppose to open up at (fuck the rough ryders) and that was a noisy mess. Unlike Rock, Rap doesn't get better live, maybe the roots because they're a band, but just straight MCing isn't a show i could ever see paying for.


  2. I don't know about anonymous, but I've seen plenty of great rap shows. Then again I've only gone to underground shows, last one was Little Brother, definitely one of the best I've been to. That Rick Ross clip pissed me off, I can't stand when the sound man fucks up, or the artist spits over the whole song instead of just the instrumental. The way you describe how shows should go is how I try to make mine. I'm not one for the theatrics, but I try to give my all on-stage

  3. I made a post a while ago about the best concert that I had ever been too and it involved slick rick, but it was a really clean show. You can tell he actually did a real sound check and people actually cared about what they put ofrth on stage.


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