E. ness or Young City who you with?

From the extremely laughable beef department, I had avoided mentioning Chopper City aka Young City ( remember he couldn't keep that name when Making The Band first came out) and E. Ness as they go back and forth flapping their gums. But I mean come on at this point it's gotten really hilarious.

Let's break it down, Young City (for legal reasons) is now located in Detroit. This is because of Katrina he said- although everyone else is either going back or in Houston-somewhere down South. But that's not important I gather- Young Chopper City has been dropping hood jewels in his video war against Ness.

I mean this is one of the latest:

I am going to tell you this, Yeah him and all of his friends put together every dollar they had to make that bankroll- no show is going to pay you in cash like that, especially multiple denominations- that's just retarded. But you know he's real cause Chopper stays in a lil ass house. I mean look at him and dude sittin on that lil ass Love seat. The kind you get from the hood furniture store that operates out of a house that always advertises the lowest prices anywhere. I know there is a black lacquer table in that house. It is all good though but he says he has mixtapes out- I haven't seen any so I will be on the lookout for those. Am I wrong or did he spit on the floor near the end of the video? The dude is smart though, putting the focus on Wayne who abhors confrontation.

I almost forgot the most infamous video of all The Choppa Suit:

The Suit even has it's own website visit the site here. If you just want a definition to tell your friends what a Chopper suit is, you can get it here.

-Thats the last one from Choppper.

Ness on the other hand was always one of the best in the band when it came to lyrics. He is a Philly cat and you knew that he was grimey and had street credentials. You might have caught him back to doing battles and really putting his name out there as a battle rapper as well with the World Series of Hip-Hop battle series. You could have caught him on several world star videos putting in work.

Check Ness:

What Ness has on his side is a healthy dose of reality for Chopper. Ness has facts on his side about a lot of things and I gotta ride with facts. Then he still talks to his other old Band members which also is a sign to me that he keeps it real.

Also, Ness actually raps and doesn't do a bad job after he runs off at the yap.

and last, let's hear what Ness thinks about the suit:

Ness vs. Chopper who you got?

and by the way- where is this Choppa at?


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