Album Review- Crime Pays- Cam'ron

After a two year hiatus-which is an eternity in today's rap game, Killa Cam is finally back on record with "Crime Pays". Cam has been leading up to this for a few months now since he popped up with "Get in in Ohio".

No one has ever doubted Cam's "swag", Just check the video above for "Cookin' Up". No one can knock his skills. Listening to his flow shows what Juelz is striving for. Cam is the natural however, and he creates slang on the fly that seems even more natural than most artists.

While sometimes, he seems to pick beats that are too gimmicky for his own good sometimes and it can drag him down as he tries to rap along the track. His peculiar sense of humor is still evident on the intros to several tracks and the "grease" skit which has got to be a real conversation and proves that 50 isn't the only person who has less compassion than the average person. He is also weird, with songs like "Chalupa", "Cookies and Applejuice", "Curve",and "Silky (no homo)".

His choice of features is limited to his new Dipset? or is it Byrdgang? members who cost him less. It is obvious that Killa is being smart with his money. Even the majority of his production is being handled by newcomers or local talent.

Listening to Cam however makes me feel bad for actually nodding my head. This album is full of so much blatant negativity and a tremendous lack of sensitvity for anyone but himself. The arrogance, while it works for his persona, is personally bothersome for me a sit exemplifies what is wrong with the generation that has followed Cam. So though lyrically, the album isn't bad, the subject matter is even more of a turn off than other coke rappers because of the way it is presented, entirely unapologetic. Sonically, Cam attempts to blend too many awkward sounds at times and cops out in order to make the hooks catchy enough for the ear, when he could have done them differently to make the song fit together better. Even with the mistakes I can't help but rate the album decently, though i loathe to do so.



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