Lola Love is upset

Now I am one of the main people (not a big time or big name mind you) who has ragged on Angel "Lola" Love about her burgeoning rap career. As you will see in this clip, she wants to know if being on covers and appearing in videos makes her less credible as an artist. Hear listen for yourself:

Here is my point, I don't think just because she is a video girl that she shouldn't rap. I don't think she has a passion for it, she just knows people in that industry who can connect her with radio and video. The first part of her interview says it all, she is trying to do whatever she can to get what she wants monetarily and material wise. It is offensive to me as a fan of hip-hop. She is right, people will be skeptical until she proves herself as being worthy as an artist. From what I have heard so far, she isn't. To compare herself to women who started rapping as their way to fame first then segued into modeling isn't valid to me.

I am also confused as to why she would decide that her name or video name are not good enough, but she must become "Lola Monroe". I don't feel that she has the connection to Marilyn Monroe. When she says it, it doesn't come to me as natural, it just looks like an excuse to do something for attention. If you already have a name why would you use one you have no equity in? I mean it's like me calling myself sonny gambino, at the very least she could have something that looks like it might actually fit. I'm sorry but to me she seems extra false, fake, artificial, and superficial.


  1. I don't understand everyone's fascination with Marilyn Monroe but *shrugs* that's another debate for another day. And btw I hate rappers with foreign accents, except Latino-rappers.

    She definitely seems like one of those people that wants to do things just for her personal benefit, as opposed to rapping because she loves hip-hop. I don't wanna hear about the home you want damnit, that just implies that you rap for the wrong reasons. If you want me to take you serious, I have to know that you take rap seriously. That you love it.

    And comparing yourself to Trina and Jacki-O's smut asses is like saying "hey I'm dumb like Dubya Bush, why does no one take my presidential bid serious?!" Of course we don't wake you fucking serious, you're a freak-of-nature-type big-assed model who all the sudden wants to rap but instead of saying that you love hip-hop, you're talking about the house you wanna buy off rap money!

    The fact of the matter is that most people who move from one entertainment industry to another don't have an equal passion for both. They end up half-assing one or both industries. Why should we think she's any different?

  2. well I for one dont think she is any different. Its rare someone takes the passion from one industry into another like Will Smith did. Just imagine If LL gave up rapping and actually concentrated on acting, he would be serious too.

  3. If LL's not concentrating on acting then what is he serious about? His music has been trash for so long!

  4. GIRL YHU TLK 2222222222 DAMN MUCH{SHIT}

  5. i think that lola is a wana me nicki minaj and i dont like her not one bit as the others said its not her passion and she wants to do it becasue she want the attention WTF shes really not getting no where she should juss say a model and her flow is discusting its FAKE

  6. Fake as the booty on her back


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