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I must admit, this guy has managed to stay in the news almost 24-7 the past couple of months, from licking his bracelet, to ignoring the C.O. pictures, to warring with 50 and his baby mommas, Ross has been mentioned almost every day. They say the only bad promotion is no promotion so right now he is killing.

Now there is the Louie Vuitton deal. The reps for the company have made a point to come out and say that the sunglasses are not official. The big question is why would they say that? Most likely a bunch of monkey looking niggas are running to boutiques around the country trying to drop hundreds of dollars on some effing sunglasses (I'm trying to watch my language). This in and of itself is stupid as hell.

Now we get Ross' excuse or reason behind the alleged false glass conspiracy, you can see it here@ According to sources :

According to Ross, the sunglasses worn on the cover of the May 2009 issue of XXL Magazine were customized with solid gold accents by Jacob Bernstein, AKA “The Sunglasses Pimp.”

"It’s the same thing as buying a Rolls Royce and having it tricked out; just because the product has been customized by me doesn’t take away from the fact that the frames are authentic Louis Vuitton Millionaires," Bernstein told

This may be the case, but then why the fuck (screw watching my language) are niggas going out and buying 500-1000 dollar sunglasses then getting them customized even further. If this isn't a gluttonous waste of money I don't know what is. Niggas really don't deserve a damn dime when they do shit like this. Money could be spent paying child support in Ross' case, or bettering the neighborhood, creating generational wealth, anything but doing this. Bill Gates, one of the three richest men in the country, rocks some regular wack ass frames and some beat up decks.

I am sick of the "stunting" culture right about now because it shows how messed up our priorities are. Someone out there has to feel me on this one.


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