Vibe does it again...

Okay, thanks to Joe Budden this second year of Vibes greatest ever tournament is getting publicity. Someone twittered him (follow me on twitter), the link to the bracket which can be found right here.

Now here is what Joe thinks about this bracket. While you read this you might want to scroll down and read what I have to think about it.

You may not Like Joey's arrogance in this aspect but he is right in a whole lot of shit here. There is no reason this "bracket" should have been created. I mean I would get offended to be in a tournament or list of some sort and be considered worse than Bow wow and he doesn't even write his own raps! Now anyone who listens to verses and lyrics knows that Joe is better than Plies any bias of mine put aside.

Now this whole idea is preposterous because if you continue following me (i have been working on my own list) I am going to go into detail as to why these attempts to have all encompassing lists do not work. There can never be a best of all time especially looking at all of these artists. You have to break it down by some periods of time to even have a shot at doing this. But i digress...

For one Eminem has no oen to go against because they have a "play in" bracket which includes :

Jay Electronica
Asher Roth
Bobby Ray
Kid Cudi
Charles Hamilton

Half of those guys don't even have albums out. How the hell do they even make the list? Then they have to go against Eminem for votes to attempt to win the tourney. This makes no sense and Vibe needs to stop doing it. I know I'm doing them a favor by giving them promotion and hits which is what they want.

Meanwhile, Shock G, and E-40 don't even make the list. I cannot even think of what is more laughable when it comes to matchups:


perhaps that might just be one of the worst. Check out the brackets and let me know which one you think which one is the worst.


  1. I'm sure their goal was interesting pairings. These seedings CAN'T matter. You mean to tell me all these are coincidences:

    1. Rick Ross happens to face 50 Cent<
    2. Ghostface happens to face MF Doom(when they're supposed to be making an album together)
    3. Gza happens to face Ras Kass
    4. Common and Talib
    5. LL and Canibus
    6. Lil Kim and Queen Latifah
    7. Pun and Fat Joe
    8. Nas and AZ
    9. Ice Cube and MC Ren

    This whole thing is bullshit! This is why I almost never read music mags anymore. They disgrace hip-hop too often

  2. lol I know but then its like does it even matter after that? they could have condensed this down to 12 people easily... and LL and Canibis how old is that really. where is Bis at anyway?

  3. Yup using 12 people would just stop wasting my time and infuriate me less. I'm never interested in these things because they always end up being a "most sales" contest. VH1 is the only non-hip-hop outlet whose hip-hop coverage I pay some attention to. 'Bis prolly playing hockey lol


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