Is an Opinion a bad thing?

This whole Joe Budden issue has brought up something interesting. Quite a few people say that they agree with Joe but because he happens to be an artist in the industry he was wrong for speaking out about it. What ever happened to rap and rap fans?

I have held several conversations with people who believe that anyone who wants to get in the game should be allowed to be in the game and rap how they feel. Fine, there is freedom of speech, however these same people cannot understand when someone like myself speaks out about these people being straight up butt crack aka ass.


Okay, that's enough for now. Why is someone, especially another artist who puts in years of work and time to make his lyrics tighter wrong for speaking out about something they aren't feeling? When did we become so sensitive and emotional that we cannot take some criticism. The first thing artists do now is start doing videos and talking about anything but music. What ever happened to going in the booth, putting down a hot verse and letting it be what it is.

Remember this:

Ludacris killed T.I. on this song, yet T.I.'s career hasn't died. You can take an L and keep it moving. These guys never pretended to like each other until recently and everyone knew it. You see people feel that you have to beef to dislike something. This is really big in rap circles. If I say I don't like an artist, or album, or a song, I'm labeled a hater regardless of what reasoning I have. It's like the majority of people fail to think and expect you to do so as well.

Just like most people say they can relate to a Rick Ross or Jadakiss more than and Eminem. Most people have never sold drugs. Most of those who have were not successful, moving weight or being bosses. Ross and his kind appeal to your fantasies, what you keep wishing your life was like. Joe Budden speaks about his actual life and real problems. You may not be facing depression however, you have actual feelings that you need to deal with. I understand for most people, rap is like a fantasy, we want to feel something grand and great just like watching a movie. Myself, I am a realist, but there is more on that to come later.

To make a succinct point in all of this, whether I agree with it or not, I want to see more artists having actual opinions and not being afraid to actually express them regardless of whose feeling might get bruised.

Now you have Busta and Redman here, with Ed Lover fanning the flames, but Redman is right, he saying keep it on wax let it be what it is. That is good for hip-hop. But Busta, I been trying to stay with you since you cut your hair, but you are the second most inconsistent rapper behind Nas. How is it disrespectful to speak your opinion and then say if you feel differently prove it? To say someone needs to be smacked then say you don't promote violence makes no sense. But to keep talking like there was no reason to pick Meth is just getting lame to me. Someone could easily pick Busta Rhymes who is nowhere near that good lyrically nor topically. For someone to talk about being a man and having respect then saying one should not have an opinion about another rapper. Being a man is taking criticism whether you like it or not and understanding it is that man's opinion and he is entitled to it.

In the end the most bothersome thing is the idea that if you speak out or do not conform to what the 'status quo' is that everyone finds you at fault, especially when it isn't that serious. We have become so used to people just saying things for shock value that we won't even try to think that someone might actually have a genuine opinion.


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