Hip-Hop Love Songs 3

Welcome to the era of Ja Rule. The main artist on Murder Inc blew up "singing" to women with the female of his label. I'm not promoting these as the same type of strong images in my previous two posts in the series. Ja is more of the hood love type of artist. Actually, he is a blend of LL's "I Need Love" and maybe some of Common's material, so for that i have to give Ja a pass. He really made his mark in the genre with his recordings, they were all simplistic and extra radio friendly but i think they do have an artistic value.

Okay, problems with some of the video so I have edited and included some of Ja's many other hip-hop love songs.

"Down ass Chick" is probably the best example of that as he refrains from making a song that is about just having sex with his woman. It's about he feels about her holding him down. Now the formula is copied in this manner by the more current rappers.

Now "Put it on Me" was a bit more raunchy, but it wasn't so explicit that it overshadowed the fact that Rule was doing a duet with Lil Mo about a relationship. This was at Ja's heyday and he could do no wrong. I miss this from Rule, damn you 50 Cent.

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