Posse Songs used to be Hot

Now I actually have a cd of "Posse Cuts", songs where you have a group of people who aren't in a group on the same song. What has gotten me upset you might say? For one this new song from Drake, Wayne, Kanye and Eminem is a pure disappointment. Take a listen for yourself.

This might not be here for long, but what I get is a jumble of mess. There is no big theme to the song or point to it, just some guys rapping, but even then all I get is a jumble of noise. Drake's verse is the best on my initial listen but the song doesn't pass the muster.

See there was a time when guys would get on a song and truly compete to spit the hottest verse. The beat would be ill enough that you would get hype but allow the lyrics themselves to shine through. Want an example Scenario 2000 which was a Ruff Ryders remix to "Jigga my Nigga".

You see lyrics and having a topic actually meant something. A rapper was going off of more than just his name when he stepped into the booth and did a song with another rapper. Maybe that is a key there, instead of being together and vibing on the feel and mood, gus just e-mail beats and verses back and forth to one another. This can lead to that disconnect and the feeling that these aren't really songs, but instead, random verses thrown together.

There was actually a time where guys whom you didn't see together actually got together, made records and then shot videos. Now you have the songs from the "Southern Collective" of Wayne, T-Pain, Plies, Baby, and Rick Ross produced by DJ Khaled or Cool and Dre but they do it so often that it's like listening to the Goodie Mob. They sound like a group, and not like they are doing anything special which is what these tracks are supposed to be; a treat for the fans. Instead you have the same guys recreating the same song over and over and no one saying anything that is truly breathtaking.

To me hip-hop is something special and when you have the chance to be in the same booth, on the same song with guys who are considered to be the top or upper echelon, or even guys who are considered your equals or peers, you have to take that opportunity to actually stand out and truly make your mark. The Swagger like us track was a great chance that Lil Wayne and Kanye basically failed with lackluster verses and especially weezy.

I want some consistency and hot verses when you're with your peers. You cannot get by on "swag" in these cases. What you say actually counts. Do you think posse cuts are any better or worse than the previous generations?


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