Something Ignant I realized about Puffy

This was a funny ass revelation about Puffy today. Some of y'all might just feel me on this one right here but you might not want to seeing as though Puff has become Diddy the superstar.

Look at the Red Leather Pants. Think he still has them?

Puff left the Madd Rapper on the Life After Death album. I know you're questioning this like so what? It was an interlude...but you have to remember, the Madd Rapper is Pac.

Anyone who knows their hip-hop knows the Madd Rappers was initially modeled after Tupac. So this album was made after Pac was killed and released after Biggie died and Puff still left this interlude on here before Kick in the door. Take a listen.

Tell me that's not supposed to be Tupac. I just found it funny that after all of these years I just caught that Puff did that foul shit right there. Now D-Dot went on to make the Madd Rapper into a real character, dropping interludes on every major Bad Boy release up until Shyne and even dropped his own joint, but I will always remember this character as being Pac whether or not anyone ever actually admits it.


  1. Yea and nobody will ever admit it but Pac was Buggin' around that time. A good Dude that meant well but couldn't resist the temptation of That Devil in The Death Row chain


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