When Hip-hop was hip-hop and not R and B 2

The remix used to be the truth. It was actually worth hearing a song to hear a unique collaboration between artists that you didn't normally hear. Today, when remixes go down it just sounds like another song the same artists just made. If I hear one more song with Rick Ross, Wayne, Plies, and T-pain I am going to url.

Rand B was the same way. Now you just have Ne-yo on everyone's album, as is the Dream, and I guess Jeremiah will be next. All of the songs sounding alike, but let's remember some classics:

When the rap verses on this joint came in it was pandemonium. This joint got everybody hype.

Without Puff, this next joint would have never happened:

and If you remember this Mariah remix, then you really aren't surprised by her doing a song with Gucci.


  1. remember when Ja Rule came out and then everybody was throwing chicks on they songs? I do because I had like three chicks in philly on tap for studio sessions. People hated that shit, it was killing rap at the time. Then 50 cent came and made it cool to be a mixtape rapper who talked about drugs. Then 50 cent became Ja Rule and now everyone's traded in the ashanti sound for the Neyo sound. All I'm saying is that R&B and rap are interlocked because R&B singers make rappers more accessable to the masses ask Walle and Lady Gaga. Does it suck, yeah if not done right, but in the end I enjoy a good vocal on the hook, tell me "always on time" still don't bang.

    cizzle aka Calico Ripkin bka NC-17 the great POW

  2. The screweed up part is like you said, everyone has a chick like Ashanti on the hook then everyone gets Ne-yo and dream sounding people. No one is calling Jaheim or Ginuwine for work. They not trying to create a unique sound just go along with what works currently because they have seen someone else do it.

  3. the "follow-the-leader" attitude strikes again. Too much of the mainstream is see a trend, hop on before it's too late. Props for reminding me of old Mariah Carey. Now I'ma find that video she did at that summer-camp with the tire-swing and reminisce on the good old days


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