Rock City

These two dudes from the V.I. are doing their thing musically anyway. Everything I've been hearing from them is really solid. I was awaiting the album after the single hit the video rotation last summer. Why it never ended up in radio is beyond me. They got the fire for real and ability to hit every genre.

Hot and shows mad respect to hip-hop.

Here is the audio of I'm Losing it.

Now I watched a video with Akon telling the guys not to worry about radio cause they were trying to figure out why Interscope wasn't letting it get any movement on the radio and he didn't give them a reason. He told them basically to be content with radio and touring with him, however, what is the point of touring if you're not going to have anything come out ever? Especially when it's this hot. This song should have been number one everywhere last year,a nd still no album. I'm rooting for these guys.

Check the video for yourselves but Akon didn't make a good case at all in this conversation about the group's album prospects. I think this song could have given them good first week sales.


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