Album Review- Bun B- Trill O.G.

I wasn't even going to waste time with this because when I saw it I didn't realize that it was a new album. Then, I saw that the Source gave this album 5 mics and I was taken aback. I've heard plenty of Bun B music and he has done nothing to make me think that he would be able to craft a 5 mic classic. That's ridiculously high praise and if you check my last post I do have some theories behind the BS going on with hip-hop magazines. So I previewed Trill O.G. real fast and I'm pretty sure, this ain't no damn 5 mic album.

To start the album intro/song "Chuuuch" features J. Prince talking to open the album about Bun B yet it also serves as a chance for J. to brag about being the one to find Drake how that's relevant is beyond me. "Lights, Camera, Action" is not a bad song as Bun talks about his celebrity status and sort of lays down the picture of a live performance and not just talking about popping bottles. However, the same can't be said for "I Git Down 4 Mine" where Bun talks about how Trill he is yet again, as is "Snow Money", generic tracks about getting paper and general thuggery. "Let Em Know" features a typical boring Premier track with the scratches and Bun's verses are just as boring and cliche.

"It was All a Dream" with Letoya Luckett isn't an original song, but it is about the come up and not through the drug game or trill methods so it's different for the new Bun B and is somewhat inspirational. Slim Thug and Play-n-Skillz are on "Riding Slow" about doing just that in a 'slab'. "Speakeasy" is a different type of song if you haven't heard too much Outkast as it also features Bluesman Ceddy St. Louis talking instead of a hook, and Twista finishing up the slow beat with Bun handling the first two verses. Again, it's not the subject matter that is original but in this case it's the presentation. "Counting Money" with Yo Gotti and Gucci Mane is a run of the mill Southern strip club song, and "Just Like That" with Jeezy is a leftover mixtape track in the way it sounds. "Trillionaire" with T-Pain is the attempt at a single and I could hear it readily on satellite radio.Drake is on "Put it Down" which of course sounds like a Drake song, as well as the final song on the album "It's been a pleasure" where Drizzy gets to his uneasy bragging raps and Bun just drops forgettable verses. The album also features Pimp C on "Right Now" with a post humous verse which also includes a new verse from Tupac and a Trey Songz hook.

The album isn't as bad as I initially feared but it is not a classic by any means. I don't think it's because I'm not from Houston, but point blank, Bun isn't nice enough to create that type of depth in an album. it was slightly surprising but there are too many run of the mill songs to really push the grade higher and the serious lameness of "Let Em Know" bothers me tremendously.

Rating: 3/5


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