Fabolous is just getting worse

Lmao I had to make a comment because Fab has some talent but over the years I just don't even like this guy as a rapper anymore. He is trying waaaay to hard to have this smooth gangster persona and nobody is buying it. Especially when you do shit like this:

Those aren't even LED lights on that corny jacket. Yo for real, that looks like something from a damn 80's music video. You're not slick enough to make that look ill Fab. Please retire immediately.


  1. I've never liked Fabolous as a rapper. He seems like one of those dudes that thinks he is cool by default because he's from Brooklyn. And that little snarl thing he does with his mouth irks me.

  2. Exactly he brings nothing to the table himself to deserve his credit/props or respect. looking like a damn christmas tree.


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