New Singles Review

So time for another edition of the new singles review. Been slacking this much, not too much going on hip-hop wise with albums coming out which always drives the traffic. make sure to hit the archives and drop some comments.

The first single has grown a lot on me, "Bottoms Up" by Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj is a catchy club tune and good single for Trey in his follow up album to the mega-hit 'Ready'. I don't think this album is going to be as good just because he has been on the road non-stop and though everyone always says they are focused burnout in this industry is really easy but the fans will probably eat it up.

I actually think that Nicki's oddball off the wall antics fit this song better then any other that she has done to this point, maybe she is finding the proper zone for it maybe this was just the song that worked. lol can you say Kellz? (Trey songz is the worst actor in his videos so he better not ever try to cross over)

A second song that I'm feeling right now is Lloyd Banks featuring Lloyd with "Any Girl". So Banks is getting himself a serious push on the heels of Beamer Benz or Bentley and it's about time as he was almost given up for dead especially after being released from Interscope late last year. Looks like someone had something planned more than we all knew.

Finally an official single from my man Nipsey Hussle. I have been waiting for him to blow for almost 2 years now seeing him as a true heir to the West Coast throne more so than Game ever could have been. This song, which also features Lloyd "Feeling Myself" is an absolute perfect end of summer banger for parties and cookouts. this is the new guy I'm waiting for an album more than anyone else the past year.


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