Jay on that BS again...

Now I have always been a Jay-z fan but honestly, dude has plenty of fuck up moments which show off the flaws in his character. Now, I'm not expecting him to be perfect by any means, it's ridiculous to think of that. However, there are things that he says or does that come across in his raps that show me signs of him that I don't like in what friends I do have. One, dude is arrogant about his clique of friends and associates because he is a super-rap celeb and that seems to mean if he chooses you that you are untouchable. Not.

What has brought this on? For one, this "Power" remix with Kanye West. I'm not really feeling the tone and meaning of dude's verse even though it may be hot lyrically. The entire idea that the world tried to 'silence' Kanye because what he says is so prescient and we all agree is ludicrous. Kanye is one of the biggest loudmouth fools who thinks that because he has the stage and an opinion that we should hear it and he doesn't have to actually think about it. I mentioned this last year when all the VMA shit popped off and now that it's all coming back around, Ye has a new album and is performing it's looking more like media fueled bullshit and not the people realizing this dude is an asshole.

But back to "Young Hov" and what I see as this dude putting the battery in Kanye's back even though he does punk shit. Now when Beans does some reverse punk shit, Jay is so above speaking on it and comes back on some subliminal shit dissing dude mostly because Beans ain't worth a dollar to him anymore. Yet, Kanye gets full support because Jay still benefits from it. Some of my readers won't see a problem with it, I do personally because I would want to strive to be beyond co-signing nonsense because it makes a dollar based on principle, but I'm not the normal cat.

At the same time, Jay is promoting guys like Drake and J.Cole, and to a lesser extent Wale because they don't represent the cliched drug view of the streets that is gripping hip-hop by the throat right now. I can get with it, you're beyond the coke yourself, or at least you were trying to be before that American Gangster bullshit came out. However, dog you are all over Jeezy and Ross' albums, profiting from their coke-fueled popularity to keep yourself relevant and the checks rolling in. Now I have this opinion and questions but will they ever be allowed to be asked of Jay himself? Nah, the media that control hip-hop would never allow that to be broached because it might just ruffle some feathers and we can't have artists getting upset with us for questioning their hypocrisies and inconsistencies can we?


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