Is this what it has come to?

I don't know how many of you remember Das Efx because some of my readers might be young. but it's saddens me not to see them looking for management, but the way they are looking for management, if this indeed is true.

That Das Efx haven't been able to find effective management through normal channels is crazy and given their years in the business you would think they would be able to be managing others at this point in their careers. Good luck in that search fellas.


  1. You should do a blog on "what next". Unlike Rock Stars or even one hit wonders from Pop groups, rap doesn't have a strong touring life. Sure Young MC, De La, Tribe, and Wu Tang will be able to get money from festivals and shit, but for people like Das, keith murray, and even lil flip. what happens once you can't sell records or pack a 200 person night club?

  2. lmao I've wondered that for years my man. What ever happened to Ahmad- the back in the day dude? or Ill al skratch? where my hoooommmiiieeeessss?


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