Cops and Hip-Hop part 2...

Now since we already know that there are no positive images of cops in hip-hop music, what if any urban music do police listen to? If you're a young black man, and you're just leaving the police academy I'm pretty sure you have listened to some hip-hop. Now I'm pretty sure you might be fine when you listen to a Mos Def or a Talib Kweli or any of the West Coast artists who are against police brutality. Hell, you could be an asset to the community and the police force by acting as a liason of sorts between the two groups. There are also plenty of songs that have nothing to do with politics or the police so you can conceivably avoid any oddness at all. Jay-z would probably be safe to listen to.

What about the young officer who is a little more hip and wants to listen to the "Teflon Don", or who on his lunch break cops the latest Brick Squad mix tape to listen to later? Is that appropriate even when off-duty? I know it can't be right to listen to that while you are actually working. I mean if you get out of the car and you're calling yourself "Big Meech" or "Larry Hoover" can the people truly be expect to be protected.

You see, we often look at the police as if they are not human because they have a job that requires almost inhuman patience and skill. So i guess we expect that a 23 year old kid who grew up in the same neighborhoods as you to not have the same tastes in style and music because he decides to be the ultimate representation of the establishment for us, the police. In truth, he isn't. Just like you he probably likes to go out and chase women, have a drink or two and chill with his friends. Yes, he is expected to behave slightly better than the normal asshole at the club and some people do take advantage of their position but by and beyond they are the same as the guy who gets the overnight job at the market.

Some music puts you into a certain mind-state. Just look at the music you listen to when angry, or sad, or to pump you up before a big event. DMX and Mobb Deep make some of the angriest, hardest music known to man so listening to that before going in to see your boss when you have an idea it's not a good meeting might not be prudent. Same thing for some cops. Getting your Wacka Flacka on probably isn't the best thing for you even though you may think that you can turn it off. Are there any artists you think cops should be allowed to listen to on or off duty?


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  2. Thanks, I'm always looking to have a different aspect of things and bring some information to the world of hip-hop. Like you I found it hard which is why I started to write my own ideas down. Hopefully you'll like more and drop some more comments thanks.


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